Thursday, April 12, 2012

And the Islamists Are heading back to the Square !!

The Islamist powers in Egypt specifically Muslim brotherhood are organizing a big million man protest tomorrow in
Tahrir square as well other squares in the country to protect the revolution from the Mubarak’s regime remnants especially Omar Soliman. The name of the million man protest is “ The million man protest of protecting the revolution”. 
In nutshell this million man protest is the Muslim brotherhood’s million man protest against the several blows it got recently starting from the constituent assembly’s suspension verdict from the administrative court to the presidential candidacy of Omar Soliman to the debate of the disfranchisement law in the parliament. 
The numbers will be big as expected as the Muslim brotherhood has began already to mobilize all its followers to arrive in Cairo starting from night. It is not secret at all. The Muslim brotherhood youth are proud that they are returning to the square again.
The Muslim brotherhood will show off its power again. Tomorrow they will organize two marches from Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mostafa Mahmoud square and Giza square after the Friday prayers heading to Tahrir square. There will be thousands without doubt , no one can deny this.
Al Nour Party is going to participate in the protest according to its official spokesperson Nader Bakar today. The Salafist Front also announced its participation in the protest and issued a statement from couple of hours ago with the protest’s demands as follows :
  1. The complete refusal to the presidential candidacy of former regime icons like Omar Soliman , Ahmed Shafik and Amr Moussa in any possible way not matter the law status now as there is something more powerful than the regular law call the revolution law !!
  2. Putting aside all the political difference now including presidential elections and constituent assembly “!!” in order to stand against the Mubarak regime remnants. 
  3. The Salafist front is participating in the million man protest “The only demand is to stand together against remnants” and thus we are demanding that all political powers to stick with that demand not to raise any other demand related to the government or the constitution that would
Al Dao’a Al Salafya is going to participate I am not surprised from Al Dao’a Al Salafya as it is a fact that the Salafist Sheikhs do not like to have real confronts with the regime.
Strangely enough I found several Salafist participating this FB note but a Salafist activist who says that he will not participate in this protest because it is only made for MB’s demands to pass the disfranchisement and not important demands like demanding the Sharia.
Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya is going to participate in the protest , already its iconic leading figure Aboud El Zoomor slammed Omar Soliman in one of the biggest ironies in the world.
The pictures of Abdel Rahman will be there for sure
I do not have to guess that the photos of Omar Abdel Rahman will be there in the square as usual.

Most of the liberal and leftist forces announced that they will boycott the protest like for instance April 6th youth with its two fighting fronts. Still most of these political parties and powers are organizing and calling people to participate in the upcoming million man protest in Tahrir next April 21st.
It is like July 29th Islamist million man protest once again !!
Nevertheless Kafeya movement has called the Egyptian people to go down to the street to protect the revolution urging the political powers to put aside their differences now in order to fight the icons of the counter revolution. I do not think that many liberal political parties will listen to Kafeya , there is a big gap between Muslim brotherhood and the political powers that will not easily be mended. It is trust issue , it is a principle issue.
Beside Kafeya there are some leftist and liberal figures that announced their participating for the million man protest in order to protect the revolution against men like Omar Soliman like famous activist and lawyer Ahmed Seif Islam “Alaa and Mona’s father” and activist Ibrahim El Houdaiby.

I will participate in the protests of April 13th and 20th to bring down the ousted president's candidate

My battle tomorrow is with the remnants of former regime ,any fight with political rivals in this stage is teenage-hood action.
Speaking about the devil , Soliman has unleashed an attack in the press against the Muslim brotherhood saying that tomorrow’s protest is made specifically against to him “which partially is true” in an interview in Al Ahram newspaper that will be published tomorrow Friday.
We will see what happened tomorrow insh Allah , I will try to cover from Tahrir square insh Allah.


  1. "I do not have to guess that the photos of Omar Abdel Rahman will be there in the square as usual."

    If anybody waved a photo of that scumbag at me, I'd yank his beard and kick him in the balls.

  2. I don't think it's against Soleiman in particular. Today the election committee will inform the presedential candidates who does not meet the criteria. That's why the MB could not wait till next Friday. It's for El-Shater not against Soleiman.

  3. I suppose the money Obama gave the M-B buys a lot of crowd.


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