Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Ministerial Reshuffle Coming in the way !!

Rumors , leaks and news in Egypt are speaking about very close ministerial reshuffle today after the decision of People’s assembly to suspend its sessions till next May 6,2012 “Sunday” to object the decision of Ganzoury’s cabinet not to resign as they want.
The decision was taken by the approval and support of the Islamist majority in the PA especially the Freedom and Justice Party despite the refusal of more than 80 MPs. Anyhow back to the rumors and leaks that sprung this afternoon.
The news is confirmed by the Egyptian Social Democratic party MP Bassel Kamel on his official twitter account.

There is something people have to understand and not to forget , this is an interim government since day one
I do not understand why the Muslim brotherhood is insisting to form the government now when in 60 days ISA we will have a new president with a new government !! Why do they want to have the government now when they got the parliament and running for presidency !!
I got a sinister theory in my mind : The Muslim brotherhood does not want Abu El Fotoh to become the president and they know that their Man “Morsi” will not win enough votes to run for a second round in the presidential elections thus they are dying to form the government so that they want the government to make it hard for Abu El Fotoh to get votes as Islamists after all People will not go for an Islamist president when they have an Islamist government and Islamist parliament in order to create balance of power.
It is worth to mention that it is unclear from the changing and contradicting MB leaders statement if they want a presidential state or parliamentary state or even a mix.
Ok I do not have enough sleep these days so you have to forgive my brain for thinking in this way.

Updated : 

Now close to SCAF and government MP Mostafa Bakry claims that PM Kamel El Ganzoury called him and told him that there will be no ministerial reshuffle !! It is a strange thing considered the statements of MPs  like Bassel Kamel !!


  1. Parliament should form the government.

    Parliament should be allowed to withdraw support from president & government. People should be allowed to withdraw support from Parliament.

    Balance of power.

  2. FJParty talked about withdrawing the cabinet long before they decided to run for presidency.
    It is stated clearly in FJParty program that they want parliamentary system. All leader of ikhwan/fjparty says that it should be semi-presidential for the first 10 years.


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