Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stop Quoting #Nasser about #MB please !!!

I am so surprised on how some people claiming to be anti-military rule pro-democracy liberals share parts of Gamal Abdel Nasser’s speeches in 1960s about the Muslim brotherhood on social networks whether blogs or twitter of Facebook to show their disgust from the MB and how the MB have been manipulative who care only for their own interest.
Here are the clips I am speaking about
Nasser’s opinion about MB
In that clip above Nasser spoke about how foreign powers sponsored the MB with weapons and money then he spoke about how socialism does not contradict with Islam to the end of that talk to attack the MB and their way of thinking.
Nasser speaks about El Houdabi’s suggestion
Nasser and El Houdabi "May Allah bless their souls both"
in the good short old days pre-1954
That clip he had recounted his meeting with late supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood Hassan El Houdabi where he claimed that El Houdabi asked him to impose veil on Egyptian ladies in 1953 by law. Of course Nasser wondered why El Houdabi did not enforce the veil on his daughters and the audience mocked from the idea and the veil in the worst typical Nasserite way ever.
I do not understand at all how some people claiming to be standing against the military rule and yet say that the Muslim brotherhood deserves the humiliation and suffering they saw in time of Nasser till his death !!!
What Nasser did to the Muslim brotherhood and other political powers and activists who did not accept or agree with his policies from terrible inhuman crackdown had one description in the political dictionary : DICTATORSHIP
Yes Nasser just like a human has his ups and downs , he did good things and also did bad things and in my point of view we are paying its price up till now and I am not speaking the six days war disaster but I am speaking about the military rule which we are trying to put an end for after 6 decades in Egypt. This does not mean I do not approve on some of Nasser’s policies but I will deny the facts.
The Muslim brotherhood seeks power in order to have their own regime based on their principles , whether you like them or not , whether you like their ways or not you have to admit that there is no single political power in the world from extreme left to extreme right that does not seek power and rule in order to prevail !!
I am not defending the MB , they got their big media machine but I am speaking about the double standards that I am sick of these days. 
By the way I hope my dear Syrian friends also stop quoting Nasser and his famous speech where he slammed the Syrian Baath because according to some Syrian friends who do not hate Nasser , the man introduced to Syria the concept of Police state.


  1. Islam and other major religions cannot be adhered to because they are impractical for human nature to follow. So religious 'leaders' who claim that religion is the best way to live are liars because human nature contradicts it.
    If humans were born honest, kind, happy, generous, etc, we would not need religion on earth, so we invented religion to force change human nature.
    The MB and their likes are interested in control which is the ultimate power. Nasser saw their true face and it had nothing to do with religion but everything to do with control.

  2. when a religion claims to be holding all the tickets to heaven it can not survive. it can only exist by subjugating all that it touches. you can compel obedience, you can not compel what one believes.

  3. "Islam and other major religions cannot be adhered to because they are impractical for human nature to follow."

    I and many others adhere to Islaam successfully. How do you explain that?

    1. adhering by choice is far different that adhering under threat. personally, I absolutely stand with you in defense of your right to believe anything you choose. I only ask the same.


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