Friday, June 1, 2012

The trial of the century : Mubarak’s Trial in Numbers

It is the trial of the century in Egypt that all Egyptians and the whole world will watch tomorrow with a lot of anticipation.

The trial will be transferred on air since early morning. Already the Egyptian TV may collect a fortune tomorrow for allowing the other channels to transfer the broadcast on air just like in football match !!

There are lots of anticipations as well lots of fears.There are not high hopes though because in both cases. Technically tomorrow there will be an army  from armed forces and central security forces outside the police academy. There is great fear from violent clashes in case that Mubarak is acquitted.

The families of the martyrs fear that there will be clashes tomorrow. The Mubarak supporters say that they will respect the court’s final verdict.

Some observers believe that judge Ahmed Rafeat may adjourn the verdict announcement till things calm down after the presidential elections.

People believe that Mubarak and co. will be sentenced then Shafik wins in the elections and pardons him !!

Now here are some interesting numbers about the trial :

  • We are having 2 lawsuits here : The killing of the protesters and financial corruption.
  • The number of defendants in this trial is 11 and they are : Hosni Mubarak , Alaa Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, Hussein Salem in absentia, Habib El Adly , Adly Fiyad , Ismail El Shaer, Omar El Faramawy , Osama El Marasi, Ahmed Ramzy and Hassan Abdel Rahman.
  • The number of witnesses in the trial in both cases : 1536 mostly from police officers.
  • 4 ministers of interior participated in this trial : One as a defendant “Habib El Adly” and 3 as witnesses “ Mahmoud Wagdy, Mansour Eissawy and Ibraim Youssef”
  • The sessions of the trial were 46 in 103 days for 10 months 
  • The defense lawyers are 22 including Farid El Deeb , Atef El Manawy and Gamil El Said. Ahmed Ramzy’s lawyer passed away during the trial and they had to search for another one.
  • The civil claims lawyers are 100 including Sameh Ashour , Khaled Abu Bakr and Amir Salem.
  • The number of the documents in the trial in front of the judges’ panel : 72,000 including forensic reports and prosecution investigations.
  • The number of martyrs killed in the early days of the revolution : 846 in the trial.
  • The number of injured in the trial : 1368.

Now here is a timeline I made from information I gathered from my blog, Ahram Online English, Al Ahram Newspaper , Al Shorouk Newspaper and Al Masry Al Youm newspaper about the trial since February 11,2011.I am sorry if there are mistakes in the timeline in advance.


  1. Spectacular job of collecting these.

    I wish we could see also a timeline of people referred to military courts.


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