Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#ReformJO : It is a message to #Egypt , #Morsi and #MB

Jordan witnessed last night huge protests across the country after the decision of the government to raise the prices of fuel. Schools and universities have been closed today by the orders of the government in several cities and lawyers started a strike against the price hike.
Lawyers at main Court Square in Amman
on strike as well
Public transportation workers strike 
The public transportation in Amman is on strike and streets are closed by workers and students alike. Streets leading to the Interior roundabout are being closed.
The students protest in Amman By Ali

Yesterday chants at night were against Abdullah II for the first time his photos were burned in certain areas too
The  Muslim brotherhood members and supporters in Egypt are so excited because Jordan will become a republic !!!!! Again it is worth to mention that these protests are not to turn Jordan in to republic and regardless of the slogans attacking Abdullah II last night , it is too early to predict anything so easily.
Nevertheless many Jordanians expressed their refusal to the chants against the King saying that in this stage they do not want to oust the King. It is not a revolution but rather an uprising against price hikes.

BY the way the protesters are Jordanians representing all classes and all political powers , they are not only Muslim brotherhood , leftists and anarchists.

Regionally the situation is very critical to the King , already you got the Muslim brotherhood in Jordan feeling strong with the support giving to them whether directly or indirectly from their brothers in Egypt. Washington Times says that
You got the Palestinians and Syrians. In nutshell aside from what you think about the Royal Jordanian Family , this is the biggest test King Abdullah II would face since replacing his father.
King Abdullah II is going to speak soon to the people. Speculations say that the Jordanian government will cancel its decisions.
Now the MB as usual looks under its feet in Cairo and does not learn from the possibility that this can happen in Egypt too as we are moving in the same direction like in Jordan.

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