Friday, December 14, 2012

#EgyConstitution : Referendum 2012

OK tomorrow insh Allah we will have the first round , the first stage of the most controversial referendum in the first half of the 21th century if I would say.

Now some trivia which probably you already know :

  • The Constitution referendum will be held on two stages , on two days because of the number of judges. Most of the judges and prosecutors in Egypt refuse to oversee except couple of thousands thus it was better to hold it on two days according to the decision maker in Egypt whether the current Presidency or its superiors in Muslim brotherhood HQ. Ironically holding the referendum on two days will raise the matter of the constitution unconstitutionality !!!!
  • Already according to Dostor Newspaper out of the 22,347 members of judiciary, only 5,772 agreed to supervise the referendum !! 
  • The first stage will be held on December 15,2012 “tomorrow” in 10 governorates : Cairo , Alexandria , El Sharkia , El Gharbia , Dakhalia , Assuit, Sohag , Aswan , North Sinai and South Sinai.
  • The second stage will be hold on December 22, 2012 “next week” in 17 governorates. These governorates are : Giza , Monufia , Qalubiya , Monufia , El Baheira , Kafr El Sheikh, Damietta, Ismailia, Port Said, Suez , Marsa Matrouh, Red Sea, New Valley , Fayoum , Bani Sawif , Al Maniya , Luxor and Qena.
  • The Egyptians abroad vote will end tomorrow after 4 days of voting.
  • The results should be announced on the same day and the voting will start from 8 PM.
  • There will 351 General committees divided in to 9334 electoral committees that are divided in to 13,099 sub electoral committees.
  • The armed forces will secure the referendum with 120,000 officer and soldier besides 6,000 armored vehicles besides the police force !!
  • Now not only the armed forces and police will secure the committees but also the members of Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa will secure the committee !!!! Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa supports the draft constitution !!!!!!!
  • Carter Center will not supervise the referendum yet local observers began to organize themselves calling the citizens to be careful for any attempts of cheating and so on.
  • The results will be based on the rule : 50%+1 regardless of the number of the voters

Now Robert Becker did this amazing quick and short analysis about the round 1 constitutional governorates based on the previous elections results. It is a must read post.

It is not the first constitution draft to be forced on the people causing such controversy among the public in very critical time. If you are a good reader to our modern history , you will know that we change our constitution as much we change our flag and ruler. The 1971 Constitution was longest surviving Constitution not for any reason except that Mubarak did not want a headache.


  1. Zenobia if you think that Robert Beckers analysis is a must read then God Help Egypt! Is this the level that the educated are at?
    My dear that analysis is useless and anyone with a brain would tell you that. A high school kids would be able to tell you that.
    This constitution is not about religion or parties or affiliations.

    This constitution is about one thing.

    Stability versus years of conflict.

    It it is a YES vote the country will move forward, the stock market will rise and tourists will come back, and the loans and investments will return. The flaws in the constitution will be amended in the newly elected parliament which will see a rise in more liberals IF they get their act together.

    If it is a NO vote then say hello to SCAF and years of military rule and a total collapse of the country maybe even a Syria scenario.

    Worth thinking about which you would rather have.

    1. Silly liberal with no anticipation sense. A true stability is when both the felouls and the Islamist were wiped out from Egypt, dude. You don't even know how to define "stability". And once the Islamist constitution is passed, you cannot amend it anymore bcuz the Islamist will use that excuse to say "Look! Everybody vote for that Constitution so it must be legitimate!" Rather to save the country than silly "stability" excuse. Only such a greedy businessman would talk like that.

  2. dear predecessor,how is it that a YES vote will make the country move forward, the stock market will rise and tourists will come back, and the loans and investments will return. the yes vote will open the gates of do you expect that there will be acceptance for the rule of the minority?.we all know how the ballot boxed are filled,and how they are emptied.with a whole array of egyptians opposing the minority,it is hardly conceivable that a yes vote will settle the anger of the egyptians.Here is the answer. quote : " Washington is seeking to whip up Sunni Islamist forces throughout the region in a sectarian-based conflict directed at weakening the influence of Shia-majority Iran and preparing a war against this oil-rich country of 76 million.

    The alliance between Washington and Al Qaeda in Syria was prefigured by a similar relationship established in last year’s US-NATO war to overthrow the regime of Col. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, in which elements from the old Al Qaeda-connected Libyan Islamic Fighting Group functioned as NATO’s infantry. The Libyan Islamists became a key component of the foreign fighters now operating in Syria, while large quantities of arms taken from Libyan stockpiles have been funneled to the Al Qaeda-linked militias fighting the Assad regime.

    That reliance upon such forces is not without dangers of “blowback” was proven in the assault last September on the US consulate and secret CIA facility in Benghazi. No doubt Washington perceives a similar threat in Syria, but believes that it can deal with the Islamist militias later on, after they have served their purpose of bleeding Syria and overthrowing Assad.

    The Syrian events, like the Libyan war before them, have served to expose the US “war on terrorism” as an utter fraud.

    US imperialism has come full circle to support Al Qaeda, the Islamist terrorist organization that it initially fostered in the 1980s war to oust the pro-Soviet regime in Afghanistan, when Osama bin Laden collaborated intimately with the CIA. While claiming to fight terrorism, Washington is backing a terrorist war in Syria replete with suicide bombers, car bomb attacks on civilian neighborhoods and sectarian death squads.

    Of course, earlier claims that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were being waged to eliminate Al Qaeda were themselves lies. In Afghanistan, US military and intelligence officials readily acknowledge that there is virtually no Al Qaeda presence, and in Iraq, US imperialism intervened to overthrow a secular regime that was a bitter enemy of the Islamist terrorists.Mr. Morsi several times during last week’s Gaza crisis, which ended with a cease-fire that the United States sought and Egypt helped to broker.The policy of servitude continues.Just as none of us is outside or beyond geography, none of us is completely free from the struggle over geography. the servitude to the planners of geographical border change of countries is evident.That struggle is complex ,obviously with the help of cannons , but also about admitting surrender.You cannot victimize a nation in order to have sweeping powers .There has to be a limit.Contempt of others ,without its practical purpose breeds delusion. the delusion is that your contempt is sufficient to win.Basic instincts are not meant to explain behaviour in politics.This requires more effort.By deluding oneself as being omnipotent without the means to such a belief, it is total delusion.Hitler grouped the people around him because there were contempt of the Allies. People goose stepped, hiled and swastiket because that purpose existed. Do we see any goose stepping in egypt?. The misery of self delusion is self explanatory. The problem is that you cannot redress the damage incurred , by contempting to delusion. The demise of the delusion is inevitable, bringing with it the demise of oneself. Do you recognize yourselves ? .


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