Sunday, January 13, 2013

#BabAlShams : Again you Can not close the Sun's gate

And as expected Israeli forces attacked Bab El Shams village on Palestinian land kicking out its people. The attack happened in early Sunday's morning as expected. The armed forces attacked the village and dispersed the peaceful sit in of its residents despite they were unarmed.
Five protesters were injured only in the attack, it is sad that in our sits in we got higher number of injured.
What is even more sadder is that there is a media black out if I may say. There was no a proper coverage for that amazing experience for God sake !!!

Here is a photo gallery showing the attack from citizen journalists and reporters
You can disperse a sit in thousand times , you can detain protesters million times but you can not kill any idea , a dream , a right.
You can not close the Sun's gate. 

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