Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Policemen fight each other !!

The bearded police officers expelled and suspended from work because of their beard tried to set up a sit in at the ministry of interior in Downtown Cairo yesterday in order to return back to the force. Yet their sit in did not continue that long because their colleagues tried to disperse their sit in by force as usual. What happened next between them was recorded on camera and I will leave you to judge.
Police vs. Police
The sit in of the bearded officers is still there in front of the ministry of interior .
It is against police norms to grow a beard during the service. After 25 January Revolution a group of officers and policemen decided to grow bread in accordance with their Islamic beliefs. “Oh yes in Egyptian police force”
These officers were suspended from work for disobeying the regulations yet they did not give up hope and decided to raise the matter to the administrative court which said that they should return back to their jobs with their beards. Still the ministry of interior ignored the court ruling.
The Salafists are backing up these officers. Already when I used to go to Tahrir square during the Islamists’ Friday protests, I used to find their tent beside the stage of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s campaign and similar salafist groups.
During one of the protests in Tahrir last year
You must know that there are campaigns by Islamists online in Facebook to allow breaded soldiers and officers in the Egyptian armed forces. Already three breaded young men are suing El Sissi , the minister of defense in order to do their mandatory military service while they are bearded in a very clear challenge to the army in extreme critical time.
Now regarding my opinion about the bearded officers in general, yes it is a personal freedom and you got countries like in India and UK where bearded Sikh serve in the police and army force but I am afraid Egypt especially now is not India nor UK. You have to have a real constitution that ensures complete citizenship , you have to have a real state of law and justice before letting officers to grow their beards.
I believe it is not the correct time in Egypt in time of polarization , in time where Mohamed El Zawahary , the brother of Ayman El Zawahary says on Egyptian National TV that Al Qaeda represents Moderate Islam !!!!
Already you tell me I have to support these officers and their rights and I will tell you that in this particular time you have to help me first in reforming the ministry of interior and the police force in order they would be in the service of the people for real.
We are already fighting heartless mentality in the ministry of interior and police officers who believe torture is the ultimate weapon to find a new class of police officers who believe that they are the self appointed executors of God’s word on earth !!


  1. Does a beard make someone a better Muslim than one without? Egypt is dysfunctional and will collapse unless the armed forces take an iron fist control of the country!

  2. it is shocking. How dare these policemen grow beards it is offensive to many liberals

  3. The armed forces need to beat the crap out of all the bloody Egyptians.

    After 25th January they have all become either political Einsteins or 3 year olds!

  4. first they will ask for beards, then they will be allowed to pray while at work and then to be allowed to fast. Where will it stop. Religion should be baned from public life. We need true secularists like Baradaie andunfortunately he will have to use force to protect democracy.


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