Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Man who is responsible for restructuring the #MOI in Egypt

Eric Trager , the researcher in Washington Institute for Near East Studies did quite interesting interviews last Saturday with leading members of the Muslim brotherhood about Egypt and the brotherhood. First here is Trager's report in the Washington Institute. "It starts at 4:45"
Among the most interesting things he found was his meeting with leading MB members and former FJP MP Mohamed El Beltagy. Why it is interesting well simply because the famous MB figure told him that he will be responsible of the ministry of interior and its restructuring. He also told him that he will drop the restructions  to let the MB members enter police academy.
You can imagine what that tweet caused from noise back  in Cairo

Trager’s conversation only confirmed what some Egyptians knew from couple of months ago from some insiders and some tweeps that Mohamed El Beltagy is the man in charge of the ministry of interior in the same way Essam Hadded is now in charge of Egypt’s foreign policies.It is not something new for me to hear and actually I began to feel it is true when I remember the role of El Beltagy in Nakhnoukh
By the way I noticed that El Beltagy has been absent for some time.
Now officially Mourad Ali  , the media spokesperson of Freedom and Justice Party denied that El Beltagy will be responsible for MOI calling Trager as a liar who mistranslated what the leading member said.
Mohamed El Beltagy issued a statement on his official Facebook Page calling Trager as a pretender who presented himself as a journalist for the Foreign Police and not as a researcher in Washington Institute for Near East Studies.He says that he will sue Trager if he repeats what he allegedly claimed in his report.

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