Monday, May 13, 2013

Regarding El Sisi’s statements

General Abdel Fatah El Sisi created controversy as usual with his statements last Saturday during a war exercise that the army is not the answer to political problems and that the only way was the ballot box.
The general during the event from "Source"

Up till now everybody is reading El-Sisi’s statements regarding the legitimacy as they want. For instance a group from the team that wanted the army to topple Morsi are shocked and sad. While the other group from that team believes sincerely that the army is actually preparing for some secret coup in the end because “War is deception”. Some revolutionaries are happy that people are waking up from the military Messiah dream praying that people would act themselves and revolt.
To give you an example on how the general’s words are translated according to the polarization currently in Egypt ,  General El Sisi said if that the army returns back to the street “aka to lead a coup” , Egypt will return back in time to 40 years ago.
Those who support the military rule says that the General mentioned “40 years” in particular because he meant October 1973 victory !! “We are celebrating the 40th anniversary this year”
Those who are opposing the military rule says that General was wise and he meant that the return of the military rule is a setback to Egypt.
Anyhow I did not stop that much at what El Sisi said regarding what the army will do when it comes to the political crisis in Egypt because the game is on.
I stopped at what the minister of defense said to journalists during the military exercise when he was asked about who killed our soldiers in Sinai last August. El Sisi said the following :
I swear by God that we do not know who killed our soldiers up till now , if we know who did it , we will wipe them out of this earth !!
It seems to me that the general swears a lot by God and with my all due respect there are something I can not ignore especially when it comes to human life.
In August 2012 General El Sisi was the head of the military intelligence and to claim that he has not known yet who stood behind that brutal criminal act all that time , it is actually a confession of failure.
Already I remember that in August 2012 as well in March 2013 media claimed that the intelligence knew in advance about the attack and informed the presidency but Morsi ignored the warnings. Did the media lie ?
It is not about politics here I am afraid. I feel that yet again the soul and blood of humans in Egypt are the cheapest thing ever !!


  1. Victory in 1973? Oh dear God... Temporary tactical success against weak opponent, rapidly transformed into strategic defeat that, in its turn, led to acceptance of "Zionist entity" in return for Sinai - something that "Zionists" demanded before the war? Waste of Egyptian blood and coin to reclaim the "honor"? That's the real problem with Egypt - always choosing ephemeral over real.

  2. " Did the media lie ? "

    OMG! no, our media never lies!!!

  3. What is needed is to return to Nasser and Arab Socialism and Arab Nationalism. To announce the creation of three new Nasserite People's Militia and People's Security Forces, plus the creation of 12 new People's Security Agencies Intelligence Directorates.

    One Arab Nation with an Eternal Mission.

    Allah, Souria, Bashar w Bass.

    1. Yeah, ethnic ultranationalism mixed with marxism. Mixing the best of both fascism and communism. What could go wrong?

      *looks at Egypt*


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