Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#Egypt : The New Roadmap of the #June30 Coup on popular Demand

And here is the new roadmap proposed by the army sans Morsi after a very  long day. Yes the army ousted Morsi. Yes it is a coup according to all international and political science standards but it is a coup on the popular demand. The millions were asking for it in our streets for the past 4 days. I heard by own ears from the protesters. This is what the people want and they are happy with it.

Here is the roadmap :

  • The head of the Constitutional court Adly Mansour is the interim president.
  • The constitution is suspended and new amendments committee is formed “So we will not have a new constitution”
  • A National unity technocrat cabinet. “Rumors that ElBaradei will head it”
  • A code of ethics in the media will be declared
  • The Constitutional court will pass the parliamentary elections in order to have a new house of representatives
  • The interim president will have the right to issue constitutional declaration
  • A National reconciliation committee “Will the MB be part of it like the Mubarak regime members who are coming back again ?”
  • To empower youth .. bla bla bla 

This roadmap actually is the result of several roadmaps proposed by different political parties and movements including Tamaroud and April 6 Youth as well Al Nour Party.

Of course this roadmap was announced after hours of talks with political and religious figures. Among the political figures that attended the meeting with the army and reached to that map : Mohamed ElBaradei , Tamourd’s Mohamed Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Badr and Sakina Fouad. Interestingly there were members from Al Nour party in the meeting. Now we know that Al Nour party will be there. Already also part of the roadmap was proposed for months by Al Nour. Politically speaking Al Nour party may lose a lot of its supporters due to this move. In fact it had lost some of its base.

There were religious figures too as well. The Pope of the Orthodox Church and the Sheikh of Al Azhar were there to represent the Egyptian people.

These people appeared in El Sisi’s video and some of them addressed the public and the world like ElBaradei and the religious figures of Egypt to send one message : It is not a military coup.

The army knows the international back lash and thus they needed someone like ElBaradei to speak to the world. Personally I believe ElBaradei is gambling and if he fails in achieving a true democratic reform in Egypt then I am afraid he will be remembered as some one who joined a coup against elected president. I know Dr. ElBaradei’s intentions and actually many January 25 revolutionaries are happy that he appeared in the picture and stated that what happened on June 30 is a continuation for 25 January revolution and its goals seeking social media ,

By the way the army and national TV are airing speeches of those public figures.

Now Morsi is ousted , he became a second ex-president of Egypt. Morsi has also addressed a message to the people.I do not know from where but he is asking the people to refuse the coup

Morsi addresses the Egyptian people

On the other hand the Islamist TV channels including Misr 25 , Al Hafez and Al Nas have been closed suddenly. There are conflicting reports about why they were closed. Nevertheless it is a bad message to close the TV channels, it sends a bad message to the world especially the world sees that you have got a coup.

Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr was once against closed by military police

Storming Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr

Clashes erupted between security forces and Morsi’s supporters in Minya , Assuit and Matrouh. Not less than 6 died in the clashes including 5 alone in Matrouh in clashes between tribes and the army. I saw this coming in Matrouh considering the Salafist trend and its strength there as well the spread of the arm thanks to Libya. 

I know there are lots of things taking place and I can not keep up so easily. I want to write something about the Muslim brotherhood as well about the coup on popular demand we are having in Egypt.


  1. Zeinobia: The people of Egypt got rid of an evil man and his gang

    Egypt belongs to all Egyptians again, Sunnis Shi3a Copts Sufis women kuffar and 3ilmanyeen and not just el-ikhwan or el-salifiyeen

    I wish I know how to azaghrat

    And thank you Zeinobia for great work

  2. Egyptian patriots, don't hold the United States population responsible for President Obama's support of the dictator Mohamed Morsi.

    We support your wish for a democratic, non-repressive Egypt. Your public demonstrations supporting freedom remind us all that freedom and democracy must always be nurtured and protected.

    You are heros!

  3. Obama supported Morsi, only in the way that he supports any other leader in any other country. The MB is DEFINITELY not the preferred choice of the US Administration but if they win an election and declare themselves the victors what is the US supposed to do.

    Its obvious Egyptians themselves are calling the shots via the military and not any outside country. Anyone who blames Obama for Mubarak and then blames him for Morsi is not thinking clearly.

  4. #egypt revolution remains a long and winding road. People's everyday problems are so secular everywhere, that the utmost of reachable secular political goals will be a tough target in all near future negotiations. There should not be elections before all respective parts of an #egypt constitution have been settled on a widely public discussion and direct democratically based evaluation. No voting before fully open and transparent information. This is more than difficult. But please know, that there is a global hope for #egypt to give an example and constitute a pattern for all the changes needed around the world. If the youth and the women of #egypt are not instantaniously playing a major part in the process, this hope will be gone.

  5. Sorry, the previous comment came from me: Mic Rasmussen Meyer, xanalysis.

  6. I feel sorry for Egypt and Egyptians. They are being fooled again by the army. The army in Egypt was never the saver of democracy in Egypt. As a matter of fact, all the misery and troubles in Egypt was caused by the army running Egypt for the last 60 years or so. Dream on Egyptians, the army is not your saver the army is just protecting their own interest with no regard what so ever to the well being of Egypt or Egyptians. History will show it was foolish to think that the army is overthrowing an elected president to protect democracy.

  7. I am an Egyptian Canadian who lived in North America (Real Democracy) for the last 15 years. 9 years in USA and 6 years in Canada.

    I do not really care who rules Egypt as long as they come to power thru democratic process.

    Over here the president (Obama)got 51% of the popular vote and his approval rating went down to 27% (73% do not approve his performance). The US has big problems with gas prices, poverty and unemployment, sounds familiar? Still no coup!!! Why?

    Because he is the democratically elected president.

    Wake up fellow Egyptians!!! This is the end of democracy in Egypt.

    Tomorrow, Shafiq will be back from UAE, as he promised, to lead the old Mubarak regiem with the help of Sami Annan. Probably Gamaal Mubarak will be out of jail soon to join them.

    Mr. ElBaradei is playing his role brilliantly in destroying Egypt. He should know better that having an alliance with the Mubarak regime just to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood. But I guess he does not really care.

    Do you think the Military, Shafiq, Annan et al, will allow anyone to voice their opposition? I don't think so. Today it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is destroyed. Tomorrow probably the rest of Islamists, next comes 6 of April (who started it all), Kefaya, and so on.

    Congratulations to all Egyptians for the election of President Mubarak. That is President Gamaal Mubarak. :'(

    1. Obviously you've lived away from Egypt for too long, thats why you have no idea what you're saying ... we'll forgive you for that I guess. You sound exactly like the foreign media, who also have no idea what it's like here on the ground... personal pre-formed assumptions and guesses not based on real facts are not really very accurate... you're a couple of years behind! Maalesh, God bless our people and Egypt.

  8. The part with the Al Nour party is interesting. This might influence islamistic organisations of all kind worldwide in a now unforeseeable way.

  9. Some light in the middle or hopefully end of the tunnel. The Arab spring's unwanted bitter fruits are to be ousted one by one, only then democracy will be established. And hopefully the dark evil regeme of Al S'oud which is behind all ignorance and misery in the Arab countries will tumble and crash. God bless Egypt .

  10. Hello Zeinobia. You've got a terrific blog. Thank you for all your hard work. I've been following Egypt for a number of years with great interest. I used to follow a couple of Egyptians in the blogsphere. One of them was SandMonkey (al Sharia has threatened to assassinate him - per his blog which is now only in Egyptian) and the other one Freedom for Egypt. I miss them but now have the great fortune to have found yet another great Egyptian blog - Egyptian Chronicles.

    If you're going to study the Muslim Brotherhood I suggest a book called Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (the US is always to blame - smile) by Robert Dreyfuss. While the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928, according to Dreyfuss the seed of its radicalism and fanaticism sprouted 90 years earlier with the birth of a Persian named Jamal Eddine al-Afghani. Originally named Jamal Eddine, this Persian named Jamal Eddine al-Afghani was originally named Jamal Eddine. He adopted the name “al-Afghani” in order to create the impression that he was born in Afghanistan. By claiming Afghan origins, Afghani could disguise his identity as both a Persian and Shiite, the minority branch of Islam, thus giving him a broader appeal in the mostly Sunni Muslim interesting book.

    God bless and every best wish for a truly Democratic and Free Egypt.

    PS: I wouldn't be surprised if the Muslim Brotherhood was a masonic outfit - at least the nagging confusing pieces would fall together quite nicely...or not.

    1. Petra: I agree with you that Zeinobia is great with great work and just compare her recent work on the innocent Shi3a that were killed in cold blood in Cairo and the nonsense of the likes of Shiamaa Khalil or what I call al-mugagaba in residence at the British BullShit Corporation aka BBC

      Gamal el-Deen al-Afghani was a very interesting and complex character. You cannot really put him in a box may because of being a Shi3a and al-taqiyya doctrine. He was a mix of of being a reformist as well as what one would call today a mild Islamist

      So much has been made of the fact that he "lied" about his place of birth and about the fact that he was Shi3a but again this is what I call Shi3aphobia that is very prevalent among sunni Muslims

      But nonetheless I doubt very much that he influenced Hasan el-Bana the founder of the MB as Hasan el-Bana was not well educated or well read and he was an ibtedai teacher or a teacher of primary school and this is as low as you can get in Egypt of 1928

      For good reading about him I urge you to read the classic work of Albert Hourani "The Liberal Age"

  11. Hello, I'm from Brazil and would like to understand what's going on in Egypt... I have seen lots of different news from the international media, but there are few things that still sounds a little bit strange to me.

    What was the main objectives of the demonstrations ??
    Are the (ex)president Morsi elected fairly ???
    Are the majority against him ??? I think the population of your country is about 90 millions and I heard that only 20 millions protesters were in the demonstrations.
    What are the religion, economic and social reasons ??

    Basically, I would like to understand why the crowd is against him after "only" one year of the government.

    Thanks a million in advance !!

    Best wishes.

    1. You wrote

      >What was the main objectives of the demonstrations ??

      To get rid of Morsi and his party the MB

      >Are the (ex)president Morsi elected fairly ???

      If by fairly you mean did he get a majority of the vote then the answer is no but was he elected he sure was

      But the point here is what would you do if you own let us say a factory and you hire one to be the director of the factory and your board of directors vote for him then within one year your business is on the verge of being bankrupt! You fire him right? and that is what the people of Egypt did and this is what democracy is all about

      >Are the majority against him ??? I think the population of

      Well let me see and these are all guesses that the Copts and they are between 8-12M and the Shi3a and they are between 2-3M and the Sufis and they are between 12-15M are against him and added to them will be secular and liberal Muslims which account to 30% of the population or around 27M so you can see that between 49-57M have no like for Morsi and we are told that only 27M would be his supporters

      >your country is about 90 millions

      We really do not know how many people live in Egypt! Shocking right? but it is some where between 80-90M

      > and I heard that only 20 millions protesters were in the demonstrations.

      This is lots of people and from reports it seems that this was the largest political demonstration in history and this speaks volumes for the will of the people of Egypt

      >What are the religion, economic and social reasons ??

      In short the majority of Egyptians are Sunni Muslims but there are rather substantial minorities in Egypt including the Copts and Shi3a and Sufis

      >Basically, I would like to understand why the crowd is against him after "only" one year of the government.

      Morsi wanted akhwanat masr or to make Egypt a country of only his followers who can get the jobs and the rest of the country does not count which means that it is not your qualifications that will get you a job but your affiliation with Morsi's party that will open doors for you

      The other issue was supporting terrorism and exporting their brand of Islamism to places like the UAE

      Also Morsi and his follwers made it clear that they do not care about Egypt but they care about the caliphate and as one of them was quoted toz fi masr or to hell with Egypt and this indeed sealed his and their fate

      >Thanks a million in advance !!

      Any time

  12. kindly
    plz tell more about currently ongoing situation n egypt???

  13. if elbaradei is your new leader, then you are all doomed


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