Friday, August 2, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-24

We continue the adventure of Prince Amar El Din and his quest that led him to marry the Viper Queen to get her crown.
First remember what happened last night and refresh your memory here.
Second here is tonight’s episode which was the 315th episode in the 1001 Egyptian Radio Arabian nights.


The viper queen knows who Amar El Din was and why he came. She did not want to him to leave thus she confronted him. To make it impossible for him to escape and open the other forbidden door , she ordered her lethal viper snake pet to guard the forbidden door.  Amar El Din had no other way except to kill both the queen and her snake pet.
Amar El Din has got two days only to return to Amar El Din with the crown.

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