Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ansar Beit Al Maqids : The real Terrorist Group stands up

Some tweep said that militant Jihadist Ansar Beit Al Maqids group was jealous from the Muslim Brotherhood as the later was designated officially as terrorist organization by the Egyptian government on Wednesday despite the Sinai militant group claimed responsibility for the bombing of Mansoura security directorate and so we had Thursday’s Nasr city homemade bombs.
Of course no one has claimed responsibility for the bombs of Nasr city which injured 5 citizens badly yet.
Well the Sinai based militant group whose operations shocked the Egyptians whether in Sinai or Cairo or Ismailia or Mansoura  released a new video representing themselves to the public again as if it feels offended on how it was ignored by the government.
It is typical Jihadist video , the narrator speaks in Non Egyptian accent Classical Arabic and if I am not mistaken he is not an Egyptian. You got the same rhetoric of Jihadists that considers the army as infidel and agent.
Ansar Beit Al Maqdis’ message to the Egyptian people
Interestingly there is a historical mistake in this video that the army used to launch campaigns against Jihadists during the time of Mubarak , well according to my knowledge it was the police as the army was not allowed to go that deep in Sinai in this way. The video claimed that Beit Al Maqids used to blow the gas pipeline in Sinai during the time of Mubarak , again as far as I know it started to blow up on a regular basis in 2011 after the revolution. 
A friend of mine also noticed that the verses of the Quran read in the introduction of the video was actually related to praying teachings in war time not actually Jihad related verses.
Some experts in Islamist and Jihadist groups say that this was one of the weakest videos ever produced by the notorious group.
The militant group started to target the army and police after what they called “El Sisi’s coup”
The video allegedly also accused Morsi of not raising the Islamic banner slamming the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nour party , I am not surprised actually because in the end Ansar Beit Al Maqids is a Jihadist group that considers anyone that gets engage in the democratic process an infidel.
The Pro-Military supporters and media claim that Ansar Beit Al Maqids is a MB subsidiary. There is no official proof about this except bunch of untrusted statements and leaks about prosecution’s investigations in our mainstream tabloid media.
It is more complicated than that from I read , heard and know about that group from experts in Sinai affairs and Islamist movements. Even the possible relation between that Salafist Jihadist group with the Brotherhood is complicated as you can see in the video.
Personally I believe that it is not about the Muslim Brotherhood or Morsi’s presidency or even about Rabaa massacres’ victims just it is not about the struggle in the occupied territories in Palestine.
The Pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters and media claim that Ansar Beit Al Maqid is a fake group created by the army and intelligence to justify the crackdown against the Islamists , it is not.
Ansar Beit Al Maqids group is a real Jahidist militant group and unfortunately Siyad Qutb’s radical bloody though plays an important role in its doctrines. Unfortunately the radical doctrines and thoughts of Qutb are finding their way among the Islamist youth which no longer believe in democracy.
Of course the Muslim Brotherhood leaderships whether inside or outside Egypt “the free or detained” can end the argument of the MB and Ansar Beit Al Maqids by issuing an official statement condemning and attacking the actions of that militant terrorist group explicitly.  
Speaking of Ansar Beit Al Maqids , I can not ignore how TV channel and News website Sada El Balad claimed that the Sinai based militant group declared on twitter that it was not responsible for the blast on Thursday. Luckily the website showed a screenshot for the alleged tweet and account and so as social media junkie , I went to check it. I did not expect to see twitter’s blue verification sign and I did not expect either to see a private account !! Oh yes the alleged Ansar Beit Al Maqids’ account on twitter is private except for few including the journalists in Sada El Balad news website and channel !!
Using bad Arabic language that does not suite an ultra-conservative Jihadist Salafist group , the account amazingly says that it is an official page for Ansar Al Maqids but it follows them !!!!!
By the way there are no rebels in Sinai , there are radical Jihadist groups. Yes there are human rights abuses in Sinai and yes we need news policies whether security policies or political policies to save Sinai before it is too late but there are no rebels in Sinai. Unfortunately the people of Sinai are stuck between a government that does not learn from its mistakes and heartless terrorist group as well smugglers and arms dealers.
What I see now that the army is achieving victories for extremely high price “ its relation with the locals in Sinai” versus the terrorists whose operations reached to the valley boldly. I do not know anything but I would say we need a new intelligence plan that minimizes casualties as well human rights abuses and yes you can achieve it.
In real civilian democracies all the officials responsible for national security , terrorism , intelligence and defense are seriously questioned by the parliament’s national security committee whether publicly or secretly in order to see the progress of the counter-terrorism operations and how effective its progress is.
Since August 2012 and the murder of our soldiers and even before that the locals in Sinai were warning from the Salafist Jihadists but no one was listening. We need to know what happened since August 2012 for real , I do not want lies and cheap propaganda. I know I speak in vain but it is better than being a silent devil if you know what I mean.
As long as there is no true accountability , we will never admit our mistakes or even try to mend them.


  1. Jeaousy between Ansar Beit Al Maqids and the Ikhwan? Khairat el-Shater is the true leader and financier of both! He was a student of engineering at a second-rate university (even by Egyptian standards) and a lecturer at a third-rate one. He had no business background at all. Occam's razor says this rug merchant's real business is the laundering of shekels.

    1. Given the state of judiciary in Egypt at the time being, no wonder when anyone claims any thing without having any evidence or proof. Any guesses can work perfect at the moment and this is one of 30 June miracles.

  2. "Unfortunately the radical doctrines and thoughts of Qutb are finding their way among the Islamist youth which no longer believe in democracy." Z. you need to understand that Islamists never believe in democracy.Their indoctrination does not allow a system where the people is the sovereign. For them it can only be God, who is the highest authority and they claim the exclusive right to tell others what God's will is,

    1. Well, it's Islam, not islamists, who says that sovereignty is for Allah only. I'm not sure if you're Muslim or not, so it's pointless to elaborate more on this. But the part you got completely wrong is ".. they claim the exclusive right to tell others what God's will is" .. There's no priesthood in Islam, so no one can claim to be the "shadow" of God on earth. Islam is very open minded religion if you "opened" your mind to it in first place. I hope I managed to explain a little. Greetings.

    2. If the sovereignty is for Allah only, why would anyone need a government at all?

    3. If this is a genuine question, I assure you that full answer exists but it isn't simple to write in a comment. Answer should be based on two parts 1) Meaning of Sovereignty 2) How to apply it. No one would object that people need a system to organise their lives but which system & why? and how it works? The popular sovereignty is a single idea, currently the dominant, that doesn't mean that there's not any other correct ideas!! Sovereignty for Allah means following the law set by Allah for people, not by people for people, and this is for certain reasons. In both cases you need who understand the rules and who apply the rules. People can misinterpret & misuse ANY laws no matter what is the source of them. This doesn't imply that the problem in law itself. Many dictators claimed that they represent the extreme justice & democracy!!
      I hope this wasn't too long & gives an idea what I mean.

    4. Thank you for your reply which shows that we actually agree. "People can misinterpret & misuse ANY laws" This is exactly what I wanted to say when I wrote ".. they claim the exclusive right to tell others what God's will is"
      I am Muslim but I refuse that the Ihwan or the Ansar are telling me, what I should believe. I cannot accept that terrorists declare our army and police as being infidels, so that they can be killed (because Muslims do not kill Muslims).
      In that respect I have no problem with s secular state as long as the Laws of this state follow the principles of Sharia and accept Islamic values.

    5. Sorry dear, we aren't on the same page at all. You misinterpret my words :) Watch the word "ANY" I did my best to make it very obvious but you still ignore it.

      First, you made a huge mistake by putting Muslim Brotherhood (MB) & Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis (ABA) in same side, they have totally different ideologies & actually ABA considers MB as infidels!

      Second, What did MB tell you about Islam?! Nothing, they're a political group. They have their "own" background like anyone. They didn't claim any different interpretation for anything and remind me if I forgot.

      Third, I'll return to the word "ANY". Consider the Egyptian Law, you still need Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutor General, and Courts who have exclusive right to tell everyone what Law is and you've NO WAY to have a different interpretation. Since that you're Muslim so I'll consider it a fact that you know about different schools & scholars & what they agree on as basics and the differences.. etc. In other words, there's a room to argue and present your point of view. If someone stupid didn't listen to you, don't blame anything except this stupid who didn't listen but just make sure that you "really" listen too ;-)

      This is getting too long, so I've to stop here anyway. Cheers

    6. The MB is all about THEIR Islam. They are abusing religion to achieve political goals. Their ideology is and has always been: "Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and dying in the way of Allah is the highest of our aspirations"

      I agree: We are not on the same page at all. I will never worship what you are worshiping and you will never worship what I am worshiping - you have your religion and I have mine.

    7. So your response to my polite organised argument that I'm infidel!!

      Good luck with that. Salam

  3. "Ansar Beit Al Maqids group is a real Jahidist militant group and unfortunately Siyad Qutb’s radical bloody though plays an important role in its doctrines." Can you please explain how did you make this connection? (sorry for previous comment, sent by mistake)

  4. From what I can gather the Egyptian idea of counter-terrorism is to cordon off an area rob, maim, kill and destroy random people and their property in the area and hope those people will do the work of fighting jihadis to avoid more salvation from the 'national army'. It will liberate the Sinai from the terrorists like Netanyahu liberated Gaza, except the Gazans are smart enough to figure out the Israelis aren't on their side.

    1. There is not comparison between Gaza and Sinai.

      The Israeli army is out of Gaza. The Egyptian army is inside Sinai.

    2. so r u smart enough to go to the bath i've a doubt about that

    3. Yes, you will note the past tense 'liberated'. I was comparing the Egyptian campaign in the Sinai now to that Israeli campaign in Gaza in 2009, not saying they happened at the same time.

  5. "I do not want lies and cheap propaganda"!

    the coup is based on lies and truly cheap propaganda! what to you want them to say?! We did a coup, politics is going worse, security is going worse, prices are going worse, but cheer up! we have a SISI!

  6. lol , get ur selve a good break of ur sick imagination or just stay away from mintion egypt after every dirty word coming out of ur mouths we got brains into our skulls wich into our heads we can analyse and think to reach who is the true terrorist and who is the true hero in our country .

    1. Amazing! I was not aware that Egyptians got brains at all. But they are famous for bragging about their pyramids which were built by ancestors who had nothing in common with today's losers who are polluting the Nile valley. Heroes? You do not even know what bravery means. Egyptians have sunk so low, they lost all sense of reality. I cannot even pity you.

    2. @wessmania ..... er ..... wat?

    3. @Ariel Why are you wasting your time with Egyptians who haven't brains ?! I urge you to spend your time somewhere else "useful"! Cheers.

      @wessmania If you have an idea, you should present it without being offensive. This is the only way to show that you have a brain (not a mouth) - Honest advice: Before using any language to express your thoughts, you've to learn it better otherwise, keep humble :)

      @Zeinobia I believe moderation is made for filtering such offensive & racist speech from Ariel.

      BTW I don't support Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis & actually they're against our benefit. I support legitimacy & our peaceful movement against the military coup and I'm confident that we'll win & return the democratic process to its right course after getting rid of all old system supporters & promoters who are VERY obvious today like never before.


    4. "Not supporting Ansar Beit Al Maqdis" is not enough. In particular, if your reason to not supporting a terrorist organization is just that they are not beneficial to you. In other words you WOULD support terror IF it was for your benefit! And that is exactly the problem of your organization. You did steal the revolution from the people and bestowed dictatorial powers on a so-called Persident, who was actually a puppet of the Morshid. You claim peacefulness while your militias were roaming the streets of Egypt terrorizing the citizens and torturing your opponents in broad daylight. We remember all too well how your Sheikhs labelled any opponent of Morsy an infidel, who deserved to be killed.
      This coup and the counter-revolution by the felool is certainly a tragedy by itself and it should and will be corrected, however, we know now that we have to be even more afraid of an enemy from the inside who hides under the cover of religion. WE KNOW YOU!

    5. Ariel, you used too many incorrect claims & assumptions & conclusions to the extent it sounds useless to answer all this!

      Just try to remember well that YOU who betrayed your people & President & gave chance to the military coup, so don't complain from the coup & count yourself a victim of it!!!

      We've been warning from this for a long time and guys like you kept ignoring us and misinterpreting everything we say, so it's NON-SENSE to say "is certainly a tragedy"!!! The tragedy that guys like you still talk after ruining our chance to take over Mubarak's regime.

      These were my last words to you. Salam.

  7. I agree with Wahid. I'm very curious zeinobia, what exactly about Qutb inspires or molds the ideology of Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis?


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