Sunday, December 15, 2013

Open The Mosques and Churches ASAP

Egypt is facing one hell of a winter indeed , the coldest since decades thanks to Alexa storm and as a nation with no rain drainages anymore and no real social services to look after the people in these extreme weather circumstances.

News circulating that at least two homeless people were killed in the past 48 hours in Cairo and no one can stop thinking about the homeless in these times or the people in shanty times.

There have been suggestions and pleas to the government online to open the mosques and churches especially mosques that are closed after Al Isha prayer to provide a warm shelter to homeless people. Same thing to the Youth centers closed with no activities now.

I really hope the government for once thinks in a human way and opens the mosques and churches as a shelter to the homeless people especially the street children.

There have been also online campaigns and suggestions to encourage people to buy blankets from downtown Cairo in order to give them away to any homeless they meet in the street. It is great idea.

I believe these online campaigns encourage TV show to launch campaigns like Warm Cairo of Amr Adeeb’s show to donate in specific bank accounts in order to buy blankets for the poor.

As you can see it is the people who are acting now the government as usual. Of course I can not ignore the fact that our streets are drowning in rain water thanks to the fact that we do have not rain drainage anymore. My grandma used to tell me that there were rain drainages systems in major cities in Egypt till early 1960s !!

I think the government should think from now to include in its plan some drainage system in the streets. Whom I am kidding !! Of course the government does not think about this trivial matter !! May be if we had had true representative elected local councils , this matter would have been solved from long time !!

You know how it is a failed stated , by judging on  how it is dealing with circumstances like this and whether it could deal with them whether in the future or even the present.


  1. Hopefully the government will consider the needs of the people for once. I am trying to raise money to help the poor in Luxor a donation and passing it along would be helpful. Thanks...

  2. open the mosques! You must be kidding! every mosque is closed directly after praying and a solider (or mo7'ber) patrols the mosque to make sure not one enters it!

    Don't know we are fighting terrorism! but yes, we can open churches!
    Welcome to Islamic-majority country; Egypt!


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