Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Time for Kolena Khaled Said Facebook to be active

Since last 3 July 2013 and the famous Kolena Khaled Said Facebook page has not been active. Since then its admins have not posted a single post.
The last post in the page was the statement of General Abdel Fatah El Sisi on that day

Throughout the page you will know that it was supporting the protests on 3 July 2013. Till this day nothing has been published including some clarification from the admins of the page , at least the main admins “ Wael Ghonim and Abdel Rahman Mansour” to explain the situation for the 3.6 million subscribers of the page.
The page actually still attracts subscribers up till now.
Personally I know that Abdel Rahman Mansour is currently studying abroad and Ghonim is back to his work in Google. It is not a big secret that both Mansour and Ghonim were and have been accused of being MB members just like in the early days of 25 January revolution.
Ghonim protesting in 25 January 2012 protests "Georgia"

Despite Ghonim publicly supported 3 July 2013 yet he has been accused by the same old Pro-Mubarak/ of being a secret Muslim Brotherhood member and that he is currently attacking the Egyptian army abroad.
The evidence they are using to frame the accusation is an old video for Ghonim filmed during the SCAF where he urged that SCAF should handover power quickly for the sake of Egyptian army in English mistranslating it in Arabic to make it as if he was inciting against the army.
That video and wrong translation were aired on Rola Kharsa’s TV show on Sada El Balad. Amazingly Kharsa was a BBC correspondent and her husband was the head of Egyptian National TV bureau in London and yet she accepted to show that old video claiming to be recent one with wrong translation !! I believe Ghonim should sue her and her channel for defame.
Anyhow Ghonim is no longer the Google Golden boy as he used to be called in the local media. It is like back to back still there is nothing new about that. He has been always attacked and accused of being a spy in the past 3 years.
The last Status Wael Ghonim left in his twitter account and on his official Facebook Page.

You promised , you broke your promise , you eliminated thus you failed , you divided and polarized .. in end you left. May God bless Egypt and protect it. May we see Egypt we dream of.
Ghonim speaking about Mohamed Morsi on 3 July 2013. Since then there is a complete silence online when it comes to the famous internet activist. This silence led to many rumors including rumors that the admins were detained by security forces and so on. Ghonim
The Islamists launched a so-called Kolena Khaled Said FB page Islamic version after believing that the original Page is biased against Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood before ousting Morsi. They even launched a campaign then to nationalize the page after all both Ghonim and Mansour were speaking publicly online and offline criticizing the MB and Morsi in his past months.
They also launched recently  the Kolena Khaled Said FB page All Egyptians version !!
The Kolena Khaled Said Facebook Page is not owned by his family nor by the original admins with my all due respect. It is bigger than them I am afraid. Closing the page or not updating now is a big blow to the reason of its existence , it is like someone did not understand the huge role this page played not only in Egypt but in the Arab world.
I am afraid there are still Khaled Saids killed in Egypt and there is a disrespect to human rights in Egypt. There is still huge polarization in Egypt. A polarization the page that was often fighting with its moderate views , the same moderate views made revolutionaries
Now there is no Bassem Youssef “at least for another couple of months” and revolutionary activists like Alaa Abdel Fatah and Ahmed Maher are in prison while Mubarak cronies are being acquitted . People are still dying in the streets while protesting and they are also killing each other. The Police has not been reformed , in fact there is nothing reformed in this country yet. We are on the verge of another “ history's greatest yet the not so good but let’s have it so the MB won’t gloat” constitutional fiasco.
Even Khaled Said’s retrial is still and I think that those two policemen who killed late Khaled will be acquitted in the end.
The page has to complete its role.
The admins owed it to the youth who were killed in the past 3 years for the sake of a dream it helped in spreading.
For God’s sake Mubarak’s old rotten dying regime is fighting by all its force for its existence and continuation yet the revolution youth are losing hope when it is long battle !!
Yes it is long battle and feeling despair all the time is not helping , actually it cripples you and makes you lose the battle even without starting it. There is always hope and as I recall a young activist once said “We will make the despair despair in Egypt”. At least we should try more so younger generations would not blame us in the same way we blame older generations for not defending their rights and our rights as well.
It is time to have Kolena Khaled Said Page back , the battle is not over.


  1. Hi Z,

    I am sure he don't want to talk, so MB won’t gloat!

    It seems the only one cares and works for the country now is MB and their friends!

  2. You said it..we are heavily polarized society now.

    Trying to raise voice of reason and moderation is extremely difficult, maybe they are waiting for things to calm down to be active again.

    Like your Ghonim's quote “We will make the despair despair in Egypt”, we need to have this spirit back again.


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