Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#TimePOY ; The Battle that the General's supporters Did not understand

The fake Time Cover
And Time magazine announced its short-list for the its world famous Time's person of the year 2013 and not so surprisingly General Abdel Fatah El Sisi was not among the names in the list. Many hearts and minds in Egypt are angry and broken over the news. After all the Pro-Sisi supporters thought that our so-much popular minister of defense and commander of armed forces will land on the Time magazine's cover next December 11, 2013 after winning the battle against the Turkish Sultan Erdogan in the Face-off and the readers' poll.
Of course the Time itself had to explain how Egyptian media was lobbying for the General's win.
The Pro-Sisi supporters do not want to understand that there is a difference between the Time's person of the Year chosen by the editor of the famous Magazine and the recent Online readers' poll . The Online readers' poll is a new thing added to the Time in cooperation with Twitter.com
The Pro-Sisi supporters do not want to understand that being the Time's person of the Year does not mean you are the greatest and you are being recognized by the world as Mr. Universe. The Time's person of the year is about the Most controversial people of the year that created news and changed the world in their own way. Hitler , Mussolini and Khomini were the Time person of the Year for God's Sake.

  Anyone reads how the magazine described the general , you will know that he will not make it to the short-list easily and if he did , it would be in a negative way. " The Egyptian defence minister (and top army general) spearheaded the controversial removal of democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi in July this year." Oh yes this is what is being said and as you see they say "democratically elected president" !!
"Ironically last year the Pro-Morsi supporters were on fire too because the ousted president behind bars was in the list too and actually he was a runner up !!
Newspapers and News Websites like Dostor.com and Al Watan continue to lie and say that El Sisi was excluded deliberately the general despite his victory in the people's vote !! Al Watan today said that General's supporters are going to boycott the international magazine as if they buy it in the first place.
Former BBC correspondent and Mrs. Abdel Latif Al Manawy's wife aka TV host Rola Kharsa is claiming that Time Magazine is controlled by MB on TV.
BY Nadine Marroushi
Anyhow I am not surprised that those TV hosts, newspapers and news websites continue lies , they won't dare to admit that they lied and even fabricated fake Time magazine covers.
For God's sake , even the Chocolatier specialized in General El Sisi's chocolates aka Cocoa made special chocolates with the general's Time Cover that never was !!!!!
Now we got the infamous Pro-El Sisi group claiming to be an Anonymous related group threatening to bring down the Time magazine because of the editors' action to remove the general from the Shortlist when he won.  
The Pro-El Sisi groups urging him to run for the presidency are claiming that the Time editors are forced by the US administration and the mighty International organization of the MB to opt the true winner. They do not want to admit that the General lost that battle , lost fairly and honorably if You ask me after all he won the readers' poll against Erdogan and the Queen of Twerking Miley Cyrus who lobbied for votes through her twitter accounts. "Her followers are more than the twitter users in Egypt for God sake !!"
These are just examples of El-Sisi cult mania , God knows what will happen if this man decided to run for presidency. We had a fake battle to send the world a message it did not to hear or receive.
 There is a whole process of deception and misinformation in Egypt. Take the Time Person of the Year as an example and I will not lie to see that it is the role example of how mainstream as well social media act. Of course things are much worse in the social media where the Pro- El Sisi as well Pro- MB Facebook groups and Pages besides the twitter account spread lies.
This is why I am urging Time magazine to publish in Arabic a statement explaining Time's Person of the Year exactly and the difference between the readers' poll and editors' poll which is the main poll. This statement is important considering the amount of information spread shamelessly in the Egyptian media. Not all the Egyptians on social media know English and understand the true meaning of its poll I am afraid.
Anyhow let's leave the groupies and the general because in Foreign Policy we got three Egyptians in its annual Global Thinkers list. We got Bassem Youssef  , Hossam Bahget and Heba Morayef 
The Time Magazine Person of the Year , I believe it should Edward Snowdon. Look how many political crises and social media crises he caused with his NSA revelation. 


  1. The Sisi cultists fail to grasp that the outside world has absolutely no desire to buy into cult's doctrines, dogmas, or delusions. Much like the way that the Kim dynasty has fail to successfully convince outsiders to embrace the deification of its monarchs.

    No amount of lobbying, pleading, or brow beating will warp the truth enough to make other countries believe in the cult's premises and lies.

  2. Do you realy think that egyptains cares about selecting Sisi man of the year for god sake. Or egyptain understad the cover picture of Morsi last year when they pictured him like ape. More of, there is always directions from CIA for many subjects and persons. To conclude its just media game, we care about our country's future,and to hill anyone that is takings care of his party only, either MB or army officers.

  3. Egyptians have to face reality: they are not half as important as they think to be. El-Sisi simply does not matter to the world. Time magazine does not have to publish any explanation and we do not care what any Egyptian press publishes.

  4. Sisi is an Egyptian George W. Bush on crack.

  5. Hell, the twit even plagarizes Bush's rhetoric and slogans.

  6. Looks like Time substituted with Pope Francis this year. Oh well, better luck next year si-si. :) Unless you can stand up to the Pope!

  7. Is Sisi still planning to commit a genocide in the Gaza strip?

    1. The man will not hesitate to do anything that will help him realize his goals. He is a cold blooded murderer with dangerous ambitions. He talks like a sleazy gangster and does not realize how disgusting he is.

  8. i agree w/u 100% that Edward Snowden should've been the man of the year..as an Egyptian living in the US i can see similarities in both egypt & us..mainly misguided patriotism (that snowden is a traitor)..and the media cozying up to power (instead of speaking truth to power)..
    ps. i highly respect your thinking..love & peace


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