Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Return of The Living Dead !!

As if we do not have enough madness in Egypt already , we got this crazy photo spreading online.
Omar Suleiman is back somehow "Al Watan"
A group of people wearing the masks of Omar Suleiman showed up suddenly in Al Nahda square ,  Giza Monday’s afternoon.
It is not unclear why.
Here is the news from Al Watan that covered this scary event.
I wonder if they got a permit for this public gathering or not according to the new Protest law !!
It reminds with the masks of Edger Allan Poe in The Following TV series “Season One” !!
By the way there are some people for real who believe that General Omar Suleiman will come back and save the day !!

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  1. You should sell tickets. Might revive tourism.


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