Friday, June 27, 2014

#Aswan and the Return of The Tribal Fight : Try blaming the MB for it this time

As people were preparing for the holy month of Ramadan as well watching the World Cup , terrible news came from Aswan late Thursday.
New tribal clashes erupted tribal clashes between "El Hilaliya" and Nubians in Aswan last April.  Three Nubian men were killed and their bodies were mutilated horrifyingly by men allegedly from “El-Hilaliya” tribe. The victims are Nubians from “Daboodiya” and “Combania” tribes.
It is not clear that if it is an act of retaliation for what happened last April or not but usually in Upper Egypt or rather the South old grudges play extreme role in such violent crimes.
Last April tribal clashes between Arab “El-Hilaliya” tribe and Nubian “Daboodiya” shocked the nation for real where not less than 26 were killed , over 50 were injured and many houses were torched. It was one of the most worst vendetta tribal clashes Egypt has seen in the past 5 years.
I remember that the regime stuck to its official story that the evil Muslim Brotherhood was standing between the clashes and they even arrested a Nubian teacher “well respected in his community” accusing him of standing behind the fight !! I wonder what they would claim this time.
As usual the government stuck to its old methods of triumphing the tribal judiciary over the true state of law during then. Al Azhar institution sent a committee to oversee a reconciliation plan between the two groups in another TV fake scene we learned by heart.
You have to deal with the roots of the problem using the right way : Apply the state of the law fairly and justly along with citizenship, enforce the true state concept over the tribe concept !!
Anyhow from what I read the government this time , at least the ministry of interior are taking its precautions for fear things develop violently like last time.

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