Saturday, June 27, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.10”

Sheikh Mansour was going to embark on a new adventure that would change the lives of both himself and is son’s life forever in the tenth night of our Ramadan Radio Arabian nights.

A year passed already and Nour owned Horse Saddles workshop. One day his father, Sheikh Mansour called him to tell him about his latest upcoming adventure.

It turned out that his commercial fleet to the Spices Isles was lost in a big sea storm and ended up in a strange Island with no sources what so ever except precious gemstones. On that island, precious gemstones were treated like rocks with no value or price.
The captain of the fleet brought back the Gemstones to Sheikh Mansour who decided to start a new trade with the King of the Island selling him goods from Gor for those rocks or rather gemstones.
Two months and the ships returned with amazing gemstones as well an invitation to Sheikh Mansour from the King of the island to visit it.
Sheikh Mansour accepted the invitation and he made his son Nour in charge of their business.
For several weeks Sheikh Mansour did not show up and his family was extremely worried. The Sheikh returned back home with a new tale.
It turned out after finishing his work in the island , the king asked Sheikh Mansour to extend his stay for another week.
During then the King invited Mansour to visit his palace and meet his wife the Queen and his daughter , the beautiful princess Dalal.
The King wanted to make a partnership with Sheikh and he even offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to Sheikh Mansour.
Wisely Sheikh Mansour declined and said that he was an old man. Instead he offered that his Son “Nour” would be a perfect husband to the princess.
The king agreed and now Nour and Dalal were engaged.
Nour was stunned and he was started to speak when his father told him that the Princess was extremely beautiful and that he should get ready for travel in the upcoming days.
I think in the upcoming episode, Nour's life will turn upside down. 

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