Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Anyone cares for Egyptian minors in Italy ??!!

Last month CNN aired a special exclusive on how children are smuggled illegally to Italy as part of The CNN Freedom Project. The shocking report by Nima Elbagir traced the trip of Egyptian minors from Kafr El-Sheikh in to Europe , yes Egyptian children and teenagers.
Nima ElBagir speaks to Egyptian minors in Italy 
Those Egyptian kids and teenagers are forced to work in prostitution and drug trafficking in Italy. Sadly enough the Egyptian minors turned to be from the common sad scenes in Roma Termini Train station.
That report was aired weeks before the visit of Egypt’s PM Ibrahim Mahlab to Italy where he signed a bunch of economic agreements with the Italian officials.
I doubt that he knew about what was happening to the Egyptian Minors in Roma Train station.
CNN is not the first one to speak about this horrifying experience of Egyptian Minors from illegal immigrants in Italy.
Egyptian Daily Al-Masry Al-Youm Investigative Journalist Mohamed El-Kazaz made a fantastic video report from Egypt and Italy about it last July.
The mirage of the other seashore by Mohamed El-Kazaz for Al-Masry Al-Youm
El-Kazaz spoke with Egyptian minors and Italian officials in Italy and smugglers and Egyptian officials in Egypt. He spoke with that teenage boy who described to him how Egyptian minors sell themselves to men and women to get money. It is heartbreaking on many levels.
Amazingly this award-winning report did not cause any noise as expected.
Yes the media does not care that much for those Egyptian minors.

The Guardian spoke about the Egyptian minor migrants in Sicily, in Italy but its report in 2014 did not include such horrifying details.
Reuters also issued an exclusive report from Rome including African minors including Egyptian minors who face labor and sex exploitation.
Italian and international NGOs like Save the Children are trying to help them. Do not ask about the Egyptian authorities because from El-Kazaz’ report, you will know that they care less.
I wonder if the Italian officials spoke wit PM Mahlab about that problem.
I do not know to say more, but I know if those reports were shown during the time of Morsi , they were made Front page headlines in the Egyptian newspapers and the main topic to be discussed at the night talk shows for weeks. It is just sad.
Legal or illegal migrants, those are young Egyptian citizens who have rights according to the law and the constitution.
I do not know what we can do to help those boys except by spreading their agony.
I know that this problem is resulted from bigger problems in Egypt summarized in one word “poverty”. That 7-letters word is the result of those wrong and bad political and economic policies leading to social and economic injustice across the country for decades.
All the teenagers and children appear in Al-Masry Al-Youm come from very poor families in the countryside. Their families are okay to send their children to Europe with the risk to be drowned in the sea in hope for a better future. Can you imagine how hopeless those families are !!??
Some of those families according to the CNN report know the shit and the hell their boys and yet they are okay with it.
To combat such problems and to save Europe from that attack of Third world immigrants who are being exploited by European citizens in the worst way , it will take much more than security solutions, sea guards patrols and bunch of economic aids which will lose its way eventually as we all know.
At the meantime, we need  a quick help to those minors. I do not know again what could be done honestly except spreading their stories.

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