Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.26 & 27”

Sorry that I did not an episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights last night due to technical problem. Suddenly my 8.1 windows laptop was hit by the infamous Blue Screen of Death “BSOD” and it seems that it was caused by one of our audio files unfortunately. I check my hardware and it was fine. In the end I deleted the file and downloaded it again and it worked fine thank God. I hope I do not see that “BSOD” again.
Anyhow back again to our tale the tale of the Cursed Lady’s wall. Seas Mermaid is back to both her mermaid nature and her sea world. She also returned back to her lover whom she meets everyday now on the sea shore telling him what happened to her.

After her return to the sea world, King “Sun-Gor” made it clear to her mermaid daughter that she had got to marry a sea prince as soon as possible. The Princes of seas were already coming to her court and she would choose a husband from them.
Back on land, Nour is giving a hard time to both his frustrated father and his poor wife who knows that he does not love her.
The seas Mermaid left on a promise to return once again to her beloved human.
Next day the lovers meet on the sea shore earlier than usual.

The seas mermaid has to choose a husband already. They are waiting for her already undersea. she got an idea. She would turn Nour into a Merman through the magical eyelash or rather the magical needle of old sea witch she kept. Without thinking in consequences, Nour agreed and Seas Mermaid stuck the needle in his arm. And Nour was transformed to a Merman.
In their way down Seas Mermaid, the big sea horses they would use to reach for the abyss. Originally a saddles maker, Nour noticed that the sea horses got no Saddle which made it hard to ride unlike land horse. That remark gave Seas Mermaid another brilliant idea. She gave her principality lantern that looked like a star and hanged at the end of her tail to indicate on her status. He was now an alleged sea prince.
Back on the sea kingdom, Seas Mermaid suitors from sea princes waited anxiously.
She welcomed them warmly and then said that she would choose them according to a test that would show their true personality. They would live in the sea city with the commoners for two weeks without their principality’s lanterns and in those two weeks, they should find a way to help the society and the people.
All the sea princes presented themselves to her and King Sun-Gor giving them their principality lanterns including Prince Nour El-Din aka Our Nour
I think you have an idea about what she and Nour are going to do.  

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