Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another 15 days in detention for Esraa

Cairo’s State security prosecution renewed on Tuesday the detention of freelance photographer Esraa El- Taweel for another 15 days pending investigation.
The state security prosecution will revise her detention renewal next 25 October.
Esraa El-Taweel

We are speaking now about more than 100 days of forcible disappearance and detention pending investigation.
Now there is a new update in Esraa’s case. The Prison hospital examined her allegedly at last and officially issued a medical report saying the young photographer was suffering from paralysis in her limbs due to an injury in her spinal cord and needed physiotherapy but her condition was stable now and can be detained in custody !!!!
I do not understand how she needs physiotherapy, but it is okay to keep her in prison !!
According to Alaa El-Taweel, she did not go to any hospital and that strange contradicting report was written without her examination !!
Her lawyer Halim Haneesh presented her original medical reports to the prosecution and demanded that she would be examined by a neurologist.
In early October, Esraa’s sister published a part of her letter to her family asking them to bring instant noodles, bonbon and Jelly Cola sweets !! oh and she wants to go home so much.

I want to go home, Esraa says to her family demanding
gum, instant noodle, bonbon and Jelly Cola "Alaa El-Taweel"
Esraa is accused of being a member in the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization officially in Egypt now.
She is also accused of sending false news to foreign news website about the mistreatment of police forces to protesters in Egypt !!!
Sadly Esraa El-Taweel is lucky that she got friends to speak about her outside, other detainees do not have this privilege.
I have just read the story of Rasha Mounir who was arrested along her sister on 16 August 2013 at Al-Fattah mosque clashes following Rabaa sit-in dispersal and I feel so sad. The lady was originally sentenced along other defendants in the case 25 years in jail and then she appealed and her appeal was accepted. Till this day, the new trial has not been determined when yet.
All this is okay and fine, but it is like that Mrs. Mounir had a series of tragedies one after another. The mother of two girls lost her husband who died while waiting to visit her in jail.
Her husband's family took the custody of her two girls claiming she was a terrorist due to the first trial. The lady also turned to have a heart disease and was transferred to the prison hospital.
Now her lawyer and family seek health pardon for her before her health condition goes worse.
It is just depressing and sad.

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