Friday, November 13, 2015

After banning EgyptAir Flights in Russia , Can someone tell us what is going on !?

And that talk of town tonight in Cairo is how Russia decided to ban EgyptAir Flights starting from Saturday.
An EgyptAir Plane "Wiki Commons"

EgyptAir decided to re-book other flights from passengers tickets departing Cairo and departing Moscow.
It has to be the talk of town and the talk of hour in Egypt because we are not speaking about security in one city like Sharm El-Sheikh but you are speaking about the security of Egypt’s National carrier , our state-owned national carrier.
I totally understand the Russian as well the Western concerns but after 9/11 no country banned the flights of United Airlines as far as I remember.
This is another blow to tourism sector in Egypt.
Already I see Egypt has announced that it opened its airports to the security delegations from UK and Russia.
Earlier Friday ,The ministry of civil aviation in Egypt announced that Cairo International airport as well a number of airliners operating there “I assumed EgyptAir is among them” passed International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s security inspection so I totally do not understand.
The CEO of EgyptAir said that the airliner sent to the Russian government its security plan after being translated in to Russian 24 hours after its request to check it Then the Russians told Egypt Air they would revise in 40 days and they would ban the Egypt Air Flights.
There has been no official justification from Russia regarding the reasons behind this but you do not need to guess that it is about security.

Now, I hope that Russia and UK as well the United States would be frank with us and tell us what is going on for real.
If they do not want to tell the Egyptian people , then at least for the sake of the poor Russian victims.
Needless to say , the Egyptian government knows the reason and is obliged to tell us what is going on but for some reason they do not.
Anyhow, our officials seem to be the last people who know the news.
The news of banning the Egypt Air Flights was all over the wires and Egypt’s minister of civil aviation said that he knew it from the media !! Not even from our ambassador in Moscow !! Can you imagine that our embassy did not know earlier and informed Cairo and instead the minister knew from the news wires !!!?
Wild Conspiracy theories are sweeping Egypt online and now it is beyond the crazy mainstream media conspiracy theory about that Western plot.
Many Egyptians believe that there is a conspiracy and now Russia is part of it. Yes and it goes beyond that with theories ranging that Putin did it or Saudi Arabia did it or even Gamal Mubarak did it to bring down El-Sisi or the epic one that the plane was not supposed to explode in Egypt but rather Turkey and the Egyptian Emirati alliance is behind it!! Oh and there is theory that this crash is the beginning of invading Sinai !!!
I am waiting now to read the Freemasons and aliens were
Unfortunately as long as there is official truth , people are going to believe their wild imagination.
For the sake of those Russian poor people who died and the Egyptians who are paying the price now, please tell us what is going on.

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  1. Yes and it goes beyond that with theories ranging that Putin did it or Saudi Arabia did it or even Gamal cheap flights to islamabad


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