Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attack : Friday 13th

And Friday 13th is officially now associated with modern bloody memories in France and Europe following the deadly Paris attacks.
Over 120 people are killed and other 200 are injured including those are in a very critical condition. It is the biggest attack against France and its capital Paris since WWII.
 It is also the biggest terrorist attack in Europe since 2004 if I am not mistaken.
Peace for Paris and Beirut
"Jean Jullien and Kristian Labak"
Most of the victims are French, but there are 10 nationalities among the victims including Two Tunisian girls and One Algerian violin player.
Egypt got one injured, a 26-years old young man who is currently in a critical condition. He was in his way to watch the football game at Stade De France when he was injured in the first suicide bombing.
Sadly enough, Waleed was accompanying his mother and his brother who is suffering cancer and is going to have a surgery in Paris.
People should pray for Waleed’s mother not lose her boys as well the rest of the injured and their families.
Not surprisingly, Daesh aka ISIL declared its responsibility for the attack today releasing their statements in Arabic, French and English as well an audio message.
For hours yesterday, I was glued in front of TV watching the live coverage of the attack whether on France 24 or BBC Arabic or Al-Jazeera.
Al-Jazeera hosted a French MP, who is a member in the Foreign affairs committee and he said that the French intelligence had info that some sort of attack was going to happen.
Those words made me wonder if the Russian Plane Crash was actually some sort of a warning to the Western countries that there would be future attacks in Europe and that’s why we saw a huge reaction from UK, France and Russia.
Now 90% of the reports speak about a bomb planted among the luggage.
Everyone is speaking about a bomb and Egypt is not saying anything.
Then we got Beirut’s Southern suburb attack where over 40 people were killed because they were shiite.
Then came Paris !!
It came at the same time ISIL is losing land Iraq as it lost Sinjar to US-backed Kurdish troops.
Does ISIL compensate its losses in Iraq with lone wolves attacks in Europe !??
Also what kind of coordination and sleeping cells in Europe that can pull such attacks in that way !!
Unfortunately, the Muslims in Europe and Refugees are going to pay the biggest price for those attacks.
The right wing parties, El-Assad regime and ISIL are he biggest winners, unfortunately.
Anti-Assad, Anti-ISIL Syrian blogger and activist Nader Atassi wrote that post which explains why ISIL targets Europe.
Click to zoom in
Back in the Arab world, there is an old question on why the world is speaking about Paris and neglecting Beirut or Syria or Turkey even Kenya where over 140 students killed in militant attack in April. Well, it is an old discussion and aside from the fact that we are speaking about global media. Let’s be frank and say that in our part of the world We are used to death and killings on a daily basis and our governments consider us cheap, unfortunately;  Unlike, France or Europe or the rest of the world sadly enough.
In Egypt, the xenophobia spread in the mainstream Pro-media is now making many Egyptians hostile to the west after Sharm El-Sheikh airport incident.
We got Pro-Mubarak/Pro-regime TV hosts and radio hosts as well public figures who gloat at France publicly and shamelessly despite France was from the early countries that stood with El-Sisi after 3 July.
They were not alone, I am afraid. The past two weeks the mainstream media was feeding the public that the west was plotting Egypt and it fired back.
I had my shares of insults and attacks after translating a couple of tweets of those figures by Pro-Sisi supporters who believe I am biased .etc.
The Pro-Sisi supporters are over the moon the French president declared that the emergency status and how French human rights activists do not dare to open their mouths.
The frustrated young people are worried about the visa and Schengen visa as well security requirements to travel to Europe.
We got also wild conspiracy theories starting that France is being punished for standing with Egypt just like Russia by the United States to the popular theory that Israel is behind it aka False flag to that this attack is the start of a new invasion in the Middle East.
We also got the old Mubarak rhetoric in the media coming back as “El-Sisi warned the West and they did not listen to him”.
The Giza pyramids are going to turn into French and Russian Flags tomorrow night. Egyptian tweeps played a role in pushing this issue. I wish they add Lebanon to them.
Anyhow,  the world after 13 November is different than 14 November, just like 9/11
May God bless the souls of those who were killed and have mercy on our souls.

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