Monday, November 16, 2015

The Great pyramid of Giza lights up in solidarity with France, Lebanon and Russia

And the Great pyramid of Giza showed Egypt’s official solidarity with France, Lebanon and Russia tonight.

In Solidarity with France, Lebanon and Russia
By Thomas Hartwell for AP
The flags of the three countries were reflected on the great pyramid of Giza along the flag of Egypt.
Solidarity with France
By Thomas Hartwell for AP
The ministry of tourism also organized a vigil at the pyramid in solidarity with the victims of terrorism.

The vigil at the great Giza pyramid
By Thomas Hartwell for AP 
To be honest, many Egyptians including me believe that the event could be better organized and implemented in a better way.
Still, it is a good gesture and I am glad that it started as a hashtag on twitter.
I am glad that Lebanon was included.
In solidarity with the people of Lebanon
By Thomas Hartwell for AP 
Speaking about Lebanon, this photo tore my heart up a part.
Haidar and the scout boys with their presents
"From Mustafa Al-Najafi twitter account"
This beautiful boy is called Haider and he lost both his parents at the terrorist attack in Beirut’s Southern suburb.
Haider is visited by a group of Lebanese Shia scout boys as you can see.
I do think that all those presents will heal his true wounds inside after losing both his parents.
Haider "From Mustafa Al-Najafi twitter account"
ISIL claimed responsibility for this attack in Lebanon.
Moving to Paris, Egyptian Walid Abdel Razek who survived the bombing of Stade De France is currently in a stable condition in the hospital.
On the other hand, the Egyptian Consulate in Paris announced that there is a suspected Egyptian victim who was killed in the Batalacan attack. His name is Saleh El-Gabali and the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs is demanding any information about him because no ids other than the box ticket was found with him. Already, they knew him through a Moroccan citizen who survived the attack and told them about that Egyptian man he met there before the attack.
RIP to all the victims.


  1. The Daily Mail is reporting that one of the suicide bombers who targeted the Stade de France has an Egyptian passport.

  2. Nothing for PALESTINE or Iraq - we all know how much 'Egypt' Loves its family... NOT.

    1. Yea, lets all shout PALESTINE three times and forget about our trouble.

      PALESTINE, the great scarecrow of the Arab&Muslim world, good for both Islamists and Nationalists.

  3. Yemen can also be added to the solidarity list. Sanaa has suffered numerous deadly IS attacks. Other Yemeni cities are being laid to waste and starved by IS, AQ, and the dictatorial ruling class of the Arab world.

  4. The wounds of Haider are symbols of insanity and intolerance.

  5. ah and again the Egyptian flag is the biggest of them all. Typical! ;)


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