Thursday, November 19, 2015

The vanishing of the NDP Building scene

As you have known in May that the infamous building of the National Democratic Party “NDP” was being demolished.
I noticed that no one paid attention to the progress of demolishing that building that became of symbol of corruption and power in Egypt for decades and thus I see how far the demolishing process has reached.
Once upon time , there was a huge building there for Egypt's ruling party since 1970s
I took couple of photos for the building while it was being demolished on Monday and it really looked so different.

You can see the Egyptian museum as in the old times across the times 
It has taken months to reach that level of the building since May 

You can see the Egyptian museum behind it.
I say that it will take another couple of weeks before the building becomes just dust.
Cairo without NDP building
A symbol is gone 
Honestly speaking the NDP building despite it was a symbol for a certain era but still it is just another building.
It is not about buildings.
Already as we are demolishing the NDP building , the former NDP members are having a huge comeback in the parliamentary elections including those accused of corruption whether political corruption or financial corruption as well.
NDP is 1990s then in 2011 then in 2015 
According to news reports , nearly 85 former NDP members secured seats in the upcoming parliament whether as independent members or party members. It is one of the biggest political comebacks in the 2015 elections and it says a lot.
The NDP is still there in a way or another. It is a system more than a building.

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