Friday, March 11, 2016

Would you buy a luxury apartment in London !?

I received this SMS ad on Thursday and it really puzzled me.

Yes, this is an offer to buy now luxury apartments in Onyx project in King Cross, London for £675,000 only " LE 7,552,015"
In case you do not know, Egypt is suffering one hell of an economic crisis and the Egyptian Pound is losing more and more of its value every week if it is not every day.

The Fancy Onyx apartments from its official website
Not my taste to be honest
Already, I knew that many people got just like me. Yes, it was sent as a bulk message with no respect or consideration for its true target audience.
Updated :
Thanks to MIna Fayek, we know that there are also offers for "budget properties" in London as well.
Yes, there is a target audience for such across-the-borders projects or rather real estate investments.
Do you know that Egyptians pumped Dh2.55 billion " LE 5 billion" in Dubai's property market in 2015 alone !?

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  1. The target audience for London's property market must be really narrow since property prices there have gone through the roof. And according to niche experts (’s property market is not a bubble. Why? Because of continuing growth of the population. To meet growing demand, 40,000–50,000 new homes need to be built each year, even though only 24,000 new lodgings are planned each year between now and 2020.


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