Saturday, June 17, 2017

They are over 90 websites now : Online Censorship does not want to stop in Egypt "Updated"

Whoever runs this ongoing online censorship latest crackdown does not want to stop !!
This post has been updated on 18th June 2017.
Cairo-based human rights law firm Association for Freedom of Thoughts and Expression "AFTE" filed a lawsuit at the Administrative court appealing against the decision to ban certain websites in Egypt without legal basis nor official explanation.
Now the number of blocked websites in Egypt jumped from 65 in the past 48 hours to 77 to 93 websites on 18 June according to "AFTE".

The new blocked websites in Egypt are:

I feel that sad that Al-Manassa news and citizen journalism platform has been blocked.
I think that website founded by veteran blogger and journalist Nora Younis joined the blocked websites list for its distinguished for its parliament's coverage.
The website had an excellent parliamentary correspondent who used to reveal the tiniest thing happening the in the House of Representatives.
It was among that the few websites that followed minute by minute on Wednesday how the Tiran and Sanafir Islands deal passed.

Turkey-based Noon Post is similar to Sasa Post. The Islamic-leaning website used to have very interesting news reports and investigative reports from time to time.
Now, I think Nooun Feminist webzine is paying the price of having a similar name to Noon Post
Nooun's Logo
Nooun's logo after being blocked
"Nooun's Facebbok page"

because other than that I cannot find a reason on why this blog webzine dedicated to women's affairs and issues would be blocked now !!!!

Newly launched Madaad has joined the list. It is not a big surprise to me or others. Since day one,, there was an expectation that the Nasserite news website affiliated with former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi and his Popular Current Movement would be blocked because of its Tiran and Sanafir coverage.

Earlier this month, the new website made an interview with the commander of paratroops division in the Egyptian arm in 1967, former Major General Abdel Moneim Khalil who spoke about the Tiran Island Egyptian POWs for the first time.
The website also made an excellent historical investigative report "which I envy" about the Egyptian POWs captured on that island and two of them were killed proved the current regime wrong. The current regime claims that we did not the price of blood on those two islands. I know this cliché but pardon me because I get emotional here.

I did not visit Cairo-based or even know its true affiliation which I assume Islamist but I found out that the website published a news report about the documents proving the Egypianhood of that two islands of Tiran and Sanafir.
Once again we are back with Signal Messaging app and the Egyptian government.
Now, its official website "Open Whisper Systems" was reportedly blocked Friday night. Interestingly, the Signal service is still working. You do not need its official website to download it ironically. You can download it easily from App store whether on iOS or on Android !!

The latest batch of websites blocked in Egypt on 18 June are mostly Muslim Brother-affiliated websites especially in the governorates like in Sharkia on Sunday.

Egyptian El-Sabah's First page
Egyptian El-Sabah's First page
Interestingly early and later Saturday , all the websites that have been blocked since May were unblocked for few hours.
It seemed that whoever runs that show decided to test some new setting or chose some option and unblocked the websites accidentally in that expensive blocking software.

Again and again, there is a huge fear that the next move will be the social media networks especially Facebook as many of those blocked websites began to use it to publish its reports and article like Mada Masr.

Personally, I believe now the regime won't block the social media especially Facebook because it is a major instrument to spread its propaganda and fake news.

By the way , the weekly issued of El-Sabah newspaper which is owned by businessman Ahmed Bahget was not printed on Friday because the Front Page of the newspaper had one word "Egyptian" in reference to the two islands with photo of legendary actor Mahmoud El-Milgy in his iconic role "Abu Swelam" in 1970-film "The land"


  1. How about Friday of Angr?
    What happened?

  2. I'm not complaining, yet I'm surprised your blog is still on. Either they are dumb or you are connected or what??
    Your smart presentation is dangerous. You wrap clear political views with beautiful Spring flower photos mixed with Ramadan tales, along with a venue for critical comments. Probably the comprehension level of crackdown battalion doesn't exceed the level of (shut your mouth Obama)!

  3. AL ARD = THE LAND...One of the few works Late & GREAT Arab-Cinema LEGEND Mr.MAHMOUD EL MILEGUI acted in,before HIS departure on 6th JUNE 1983 ?? ALMOST 2 weeks ago, was HIS 34th anniversary?!..Seeing HIM again on now-day's front cover-s is too wonderful,because GIANTS like HIM never..DIE!Also a significant reminder and a symbol as if saying: FATHERS DO HARVEST & EAT IT,BUT ITS THEIR OFFSPRING TRY TO DIGEST THOSE SOUR GRAPES??...Any past mistakes,the next generation-s pay the price?Meaning? = A BLAST FROM THE PAST always comes back to haunt us ...this time it returned with the immortal image of THIS GREAT GREAT..Mr.MILEGUI<(R.I.P)
    and HIS "The land" unmissable/CLASSIC MOVIE!~From: Is-HAK BARSOUMIAN/Mr.NostalgiA/London


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