Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Seen in Cairo : Tahrir's Cleopatra hotel renovated

Cleopatra hotel in Cairo

Seen in Cairo: Cleopatra Hotel in Cairo’s Tahrir square which is under current renovation according to what I have read today.
Surprisingly and contrary to what I thought, Cleopatra hotel is not closed and is actually operating.It has got a page in booking.com.
Inaugurated in 1962, it has got 82 rooms according to its profile in its mother company EGOTH.
The State-owned tourism company is leasing the hotel to an Egyptian-Saudi company called "Arkan" to operate it.

Cleopatra hotel
The hotel luggage label in the 1960s
Cairo Observer once spoke about it and its very curious case among the hotels in Downtown Cairo. 
It is true that it looks like a-1960s modernist governmental building but I can't deny that I like its side -name thing.
It is worth billions of Egyptian pounds now with its location in the most famous square in Egypt. I see there is a lot of potential in it. 

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