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Jerusalem and Gaza : A bloody tale of two cities with occupation

Jerusalem and Gaza made titles around the globe on Monday as expected.

US First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner inaugurated the new US embassy in East Jerusalem in a big celebration whereas at least 58 Palestinian protesters were killed and over 2700 others were injured by the live ammunition of the Israeli forces at the Israeli Gaza borders in the Great March of return at the same time.

There are lots of scenes that we need to think about on that day
The day started with that US embassy inauguration that most foreign diplomats boycott including the Egyptian ambassador thankfully.
It was a relief to know that the Egyptian ambassador did not attend the event because enough is enough.
Ivanka Trump in a Ralph Lauren dress and suit happy inaugurating the embassy while people
were killed few kilometers away "Reuters" 
It was more than provoking to see the Israeli ambassador to Cairo celebrating publicly the so-called “Israel independence” in Nile Ritz Carlton in Tahrir Square last week. Israeli foreign ministry made sure to make it clear that it was celebrated in a hotel in “Tahrir Square”.
There is no doubt that the Egyptian regime had given the hotel the green light to host the so-called event considering the fact that Egyptian political parties and groups can't book a single hall to make a presser in any hotel now.
During that pathetic event, the Israeli ambassador praised directly and by name Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman “MBS” who amazingly disappeared on Monday.

In talks with US Zionist Jewish leaders in March, MBS made it clear that the “Palestinian issue” was not a priority for Saudi Arabia. The Jewish leaders believe him but there is one problem: Palestinians care less for MBS and KSA or their new allies of Zionists who want to destroy Iran.
Palestine is a number one priority to Palestinians as it should.

Back to the US embassy that has been built over occupied land in East Jerusalem according to the United Nation security council No.242 of the year 1967.
It was inaugurated by the US first daughter and her hubby, the US president special envoy to the Middle East Jared Kushner who complicated things without a doubt with his own Pro-Zionist agenda in our sad region.

The parents of that man are funding the construction of illegal settlements in occupied territories and he boldly
speaks about Peace in the Middle East "Reuters"

The Kushners already are financing the construction of illegal Zionist settlements in the West Bank in a complete violation to international UN security council resolutions and international laws. Some are asking where the Palestinian refugees would settle if they return back home and I would say that they should take those settlements and kick out the illegal settlers from it.

Media outlets whether in Israel or the West hinted out that the two Christian evangelical pastors sent to inaugurate are true racists and bigots who actually attack Jews besides the usual hate towards Muslims!!
I am quite astonished to find Christian evangelical pastors to pray in the inauguration of US embassy or a Western embassy. I thought that there was a separation between religion and state in the US but it seems that I am wrong.
On the other hand, I am not astonished at all to find those pastors or Fox News crazy hosts speaking on how Trump fulfilled biblical prophecy by transferring the US embassy to East Jerusalem. They are also Christian Zionists who hate actually Jews
They are only Christian Zionists not because they care for the Jews but because they believe that Jesus Christ will return back to earth if Jews and Muslims start a big war aka Armageddon.
That’s why we find figures like Steve Bannon is in bed with Neo-Nazis and yet he supports Israel. Those people won’t rest till Muslims and Jews fight in a big war again.

Amazingly the current administration of Israel does not find a problem in that. It has no problem ethically to work and support people who support Nazism and deny the holocaust when it positions itself as the sole spokesperson of Jews and lashes the anti-Semitism accusation in the face of anyone who dares and questions its action.

To be honest the current administration of Israel is a true corrupted military Middle East administration as the book says.

On the Israeli-Gazan borders, there was something that truly reminded us of the Biblical epic of David and Goliath.
A Palestinian protester with WMD slingshot at the protest "Reuters"
A Palestinian protester with WMD slingshot at the protest "Reuters" 
Many Palestinian Davids standing against Israel’s Goliath war machine. According to the correspondents who covered the Great March of Return, the protesters had no guns or weapons except the rocks.
I do not think anyone sane can accept that hurling rocks would be met live-ammunition sniper guns. It was not a clash, it can not be a clash because logically when you describe an interaction between two parties equal in force.
A Palestinian young protester with his WMD, a rock (Reuters)
The Palestinians were not having a clash with the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli soldiers were actually hunting them down regardless of their age or gender or anything using their sniper guns.
Drones were even sent throwing gas grenades killing and injuring people.
On Tuesday, Palestinian health ministry announced that the death toll of Palestinians killed in the Israeli attack reached 60.
Those Palestinians had names, they had lives and they had families and friends. Some of them were cousins, some of them were women. Some of them were teenagers and children. Some of them were grandparents and grandchildren.
Here are some of their names.
The names of over 40 Palestinian protesters
The names of over 40 Palestinian protesters 
For me what happened in both Gaza and Jerusalem in the past 48 hours was a manifestation of what a true occupation and their supporters do.
Unsurprisingly, the US blocked a vote for an independent investigation into what happened Monday in Gaza in the United Nations according to foreign diplomats who spoke with AFP.
South Africa is the first country to recall its ambassador over the massacre that took earlier Monday. It was followed by Ireland in no surprise move. Ireland and Irish people know what it means to be under occupation.
Turkey has recalled its ambassador for talks.

Meanwhile, Egypt to continue opening the Rafah crossing and to send humanitarian as well as medical aid. The hospitals in North governorate are opened to receive the injured from Gaza.
The Egyptian regime can do more without a doubt in that crisis starting from easing the agony of the Palestinian travelers at Rafah crossing especially the Holy month of Ramadan will commence on Thursday.
The Egyptian regime can do lots of things, most importantly not to deliver messages to Hamas on behalf of Israel especially that Hamas does not control the march or the protesters for real.
The Egyptian regime thinks that the protesters in Gaza are like the protesters in Egypt, well there is a huge difference because the Palestinian protesters are not scared from death or to be precise killing or detention. Murder and detention are part of the Palestinians inside Palestine.

I do not think that there is a single family in Palestine or Israel that did not have a member that was not killed or detained by Israeli forces in the past 70 years.

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