Thursday, September 26, 2019

What will happen in Cairo on Friday 27

What do you think what will happen on Friday 27 in Egypt?
I do not know what will really happen on Friday 27th in Egypt, no one knows 100% to be honest if you think about even those in mount Olympia.
Only God knows.
I have been asked over and over on Thursday about what will happen and honestly, I do not have a clue because everything is vague and it is happening in extreme speed.
It is one thing for sure, Egypt after the Protests of September 20th is different than Egypt before the protests of September 20th.
Even the world map and balance of powers changed in one week at a high speed.

What we know already

All that I know for sure that there will be Pro-Sisi rallies in Cairo organized by members of parliaments, celebrities and businessmen to show their support to the current Egyptian president.

Just like the online fashion nowadays, Pro-Sisi supporters from Members of Parliament and celebrities from singers and actors went on video clips online calling Egyptians to join them in a celebration on Friday to celebrate President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi at commonly known Rabaa square or as officially known now Hisham Barakat square.
Photos of a big stage being set up for a big concert near the Unknown Soldier memorial which is steps away from the square went viral.
There is a noticeable security presence in major squares above them Tahrir square.

At the same time, there are streets in Giza’s Mohendessin and Cairo’s Heliopolis as well as some parts of October bridge are going to be closed for maintenance works.

The journalists syndicate’s famous staircase won’t host any protests because it is under maintenance too in Downtown Cairo yet the syndicate declared the launch of an operation room to follow up the coverages for journalists in the field.

There is a number of journalists who were arrested on 20 September protests while doing their job and most of them have been detained pending investigations since then including a Pro-Sisi journalist.

The State Information Service issued a statement on Thursday saying the foreign correspondents are free to cover the protests on Friday and that they should not exaggerate in their coverage because “it is a country of 100 million people in the end”.

This phrase of “100 million people” made me stop because in the end according to that logic the protest of the Pro-Sisi supporters can’t be considered a full definite representation of the 100 million people in the same way.
It is a double-edged argument at the end of the day.

The mainstream media continues to have this hysteria that reminds me of the hysteria we had those 18 days in 2011.

So far I have not seen any major political power or party in Egypt calling for the people to go out against Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.
It is still the call of Mohamed Ali from Spain and the MB affiliated media to oust.

Thursday night,  longtime army construction contractor-turned-into-Self-exiled-whistleblower said that the protests would start after the Friday prayers and those protests or rather rallies would head to major streets “which are more important than squares” according to him.

He said that Tahrir square was not the sole Mecca of the protests on Friday adding that the protesters should stay away from provocation.

This is quite interesting because usually the security will focus on major squares not the streets in protests, this can be challenging.
It is still unorganized movement from the way I see and so I can’t see how it would end in any other scenario except arrests for illegal protesting per the law. 

Political powers and parties are busy with their detainees who have been arrested in the past four days.
In those last four days Egypt witnessed too a disgusting misinformation campaign and another misinformation counter-campaign with fake fabricated audio leaks and documents.

The xenophobia campaigns are back.

The New Prosecutor General’s statement on the protests

Egypt’s new Prosecutor General Hamada El-Sawy issued his statement about the protests and it is extremely interesting.

According to the statement, not less than 1000 suspects were arrested for illegal protesting in five governorates because of various reasons including bad economic conditions, deception by social media pages claiming to be following to state institutions {claiming to be army-related FB pages} and opposing the current regime.

The Prosecutor General office adds that some of those suspects were in the street out of curiosity to know what was happening because of the conflicting media reports then while others were in the street celebrating Al-Ahly SC club victory.

The statement also admitted there were suspects who were just in the street by accidents. It also mentioned the foreigners who were arrested during the protests.

First of all this, this is the first statement issued by El-Sawy after replacing Nabil Sadek according to the new Judicial authorities law.
Second of all, this is the first official recognition that there were protests in five governorates unlike what the mainstream media claimed.
Mentioning the economic situation as a motive for protesting in five governorates is unprecedented considering for a nearly week we have heard in official media that there were no protests.
To be honest, the statement’s language is realistic and balanced.
Lawyers are now dissecting the statement as expected.

According to human rights organizations in Egypt, more than 1900 were detained in the country this week including protesters and prominent opposition political figures.
In a joint statement on Thursday, 5 human rights organizations including Nadeem Center called for the release of the detainees as well the lifting of internet blockage of websites and to invite UN human rights experts to inspect human rights issues in the country.
The last demand will surely provoke the government because we are speaking about sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is on his way back to Cairo from New York after participating in the meetings of 74th United Nations General Assembly.
There is no doubt that he is facing more challenges than when he left.
Some say that we should wait for Saturday more than Friday to see the actual result.
We will wait and see.

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  1. They are seriously holding a concert in a square where nearly 1000 people were killed?? What singers/musicians are involved? This has made me feel sick :(


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