Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kodak Agfa Presents : The Moulid Sweets traditional stand on the Go

I wanted to go and to film as well to snap photos for the Moulid sweets aka Halwa El-Moulid traditional makeshift stands but I remember the wise Cardi B when she said “Coronavirus !!”

Buying and eating Moulid sweets and candies are the most famous traditional associated with celebrating Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” birthday anniversary in Egypt.

Since the Middle ages and specifically the time of the Fatimids, Egyptians had been celebrating it this way.

The sweets are made of sugar-coated nuts and stuff like hummus and sesame. There is also Turkish delight sweet aka Malban which is too sugary for me and sticks in your mouth.

But I am kind happy to find this small cheerful traditional Moulid makeshift in front of a local bakery in Downtown Cairo selling not only the traditional sweets.

The Moulid sweets stand 

It did not only sell the traditional sweets but sold the original sugary statuettes of Moulid aka “Moulid Maids" and “ Moulid horse” representing the beautiful maidens and knights. 

The sugar statuettes of the Moulid Maiden and the Knight
The sugar statuettes of the Moulid Maiden and the Knight

Some say that those sugar statuettes go back to Ancient Egypt itself.
Here is a closer look. I took those photos by my iPhone. 
The Moulid Maiden and Horse
The Moulid Maiden and Horse 

Observance of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed is commemorated on the 12th of Rabi' Al-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar, which is Thursday.

FYI, the patisseries and bakeries did not all have those traditional makeshift stands. There is a drop between 40% to 50% in those makeshift stands according to the events furnishing aka Ferasha sect at Cairo’s chamber of commerce due to Coronavirus baby !! 

Now to the latest fashions in Halwa El-Moulid: Chocolate sugar-coated nuts.

The Moulid Maidens got a revamp too.

yup, Mars, Bounty and Ferraro Moulid Maiden "Eslam Salheen"
yup, Mars, Bounty and Ferraro Moulid Maiden
"Eslam Salheen"

Regardless of those hard days, Happy Moulid Nabawy to all Muslims around the globe.

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