Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2022: Tale of Al-Ashkeef “Meymouna” Ep.19

Here is our 19th night of Ramadan Arabian nights.

Tonight for the second time , Zozo Nabil makes an appearance in the televised version of the TV series as Meymouna.

Zozo Nabil
Zozo Nabil in Al-Ashkeef TV series in 1980

Now, you can refresh your memory and listen to last night’s episode.

Here is the 19th episode of our tale tonight. It was episode no.601 of our favourite show.

Following the directions given by old Meymoun, the three brothers find old Meymouna and they asked her how to save their sister who was kidnapped by Al-Ashkeef.

Old Meymouna tells that their sister was held captive at the Widows mountain on the grief island and that she will only be saved by Prince Zaafran whom they can reach after three years.

Yet fear not, because old Meymouna will make transfer them to the land of Zaafran in no time.

“You will go to King Rihan, the father of Prince Zaafran and ask his daughters’ hands in marriage,” She said before giving them enchanted gifts to impress the king and his crown prince.

Old Meymouna tells the three princes that Zaafran will take the horse and flies away to where the Princess is held captive.

He will kill Al-Ashkeef and gives the sword to the princess, she added.

Meymouna transforms three young men into very old men, so Al-Ashkeef and his minions won’t catch them.

They use the ebony horse to reach King Rihan’s land

Here is the 19th episode of the tale televised.

Tomorrow night inshallah we will know King Rihan’s reaction after hearing this outlandish story.

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