Sunday, July 31, 2022

Watch this: Cairo’s lively paths on YouTube

I have been intending to tell you about this amazing short YouTube show chronicling the history of Cairo’s streets and districts on YouTube for some time now and I think binging it is a nice thing to do in summer night.

Go and watch “Cairo’s biography: Her lively paths” on YouTube.

It is in Arabic, but it got English subtitles.

It is presented and researched by heritage activist Zizo Abdo.

Cairo’s biography is an independent initiative Abdo, and other heritage activists launched to document Cairo’s history and heritage before it disappears.

Here is its Facebook page in Arabic if you are interested.

We need more of those initiatives across all Egypt especially Cairo and Alexandria as the so-called development and renovation projects began to erase what can considering in other countries-including those some consider as a role model in the Gulf- as heritage that should not be touched.

By the way , from the latest news concerning Cairo we had this presidential decree (No.314) that shows the new mega-metropolis city aka New Administrative City “NAC” was being included in Cairo governorate. In other words, that multi-billion or trillion pounds-city follows Cairo.

This has to do with the fact the state does not want to amend the 2014 constitution which stipulates that the Parliament and the Supreme Constitutional Court must be in the Capital of Egypt aka Cairo.

There are a new Parliament and Supreme Constitutional Court “A whole Justice City is being built in the NAC” and so they can’t be function or constitutionally recognized as long as they are out of Cairo, and it seems the State does not want a new constitutional referendum thus it had to return to grumpy Cairo after all.

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