Saturday, August 6, 2022

Humans of Palestine : Doniana Al-Imoor (2000-2022) and Alaa Qaddoum (2018-2022)

Once again, Israel is attacking Gaza and once again as usual the humans of Gaza, the weakest people of Gaza from children, women and elderly are paying the price before anyone else

They are paying the price and the Israeli forces do not care and do not consider them humans in the first place.

Among those Palestinians who seemed to be unfortunate enough to be consider as less as humans in this unfair world is Doniana Al-Imoor who was born in 2000.

Doniana was killed in the Israeli shelling on Friday. She was an artist and sharing her painting online.

A painting by Doniana Al-Imoor
She drew this in March

She wrote this caption on this painting "It is strange that you still wait despite the disappointment that is shown on your face. 

A painting by Doniana Al-Imoor 

She wrote this caption on this painting "Tell our dreams that we will not repent of them until we reach them."

She also drew this. 

This was Doniana Al-Imoor and yes, she wore a Niqab but that did not stop her from being a talented painter and in special effects make up.

Some say that she was the one who filmed that hunting video clip.

There is also little Alaa who was five years old and was too excited that she would go to school this year.

Alaa from Gaza
Little Alaa from Gaza
She was going to the KG this autumn, but Israeli army had another plans.

On Friday, Israel launched an attack on Gaza allegedly to get rid from some leading figures in the Islamic Jihad Militant group. I do not know if this stunt for elections in Israel or what, but I know the Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire truce of 2021 managed to calm things for down. “Egypt is back to talks so things can calm things down”

The media office in Islamic Jihad told Al-Jazeera on Saturday that the movement was on the verge of accepting the Egyptian truce when Israel launched this operation. I do not know if this military operation will expand or not or, but I know civilians are paying huge price and actually that won’t bring peace by eventually.

I do not have any words anymore except just think about the Palestinians as humans who have hopes and dreams.

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  1. Arabs from Arabia. Jews from Judea.. who colonised who?


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