Egyptian Chronicles: Destroying Hala Sarhan

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Destroying Hala Sarhan

It seemed that Hala Sarhan and her professional scandal will be the talk of the town in Egypt the next couple of weeks
Did you read Al-Ahram daily today for Saturday 17/2 ??
wow in the crime page and in the readers Mails , the reader mails ,half of it was dedicated to the angry letters from those who hated Sarhan calling her all the kinds of names.
I heard that she appeared on Dubai TV last night and she cried and attacked the girls ,wow crying Hala ,I really missed that one ,if anyone caught this on TV please tell me
Already she is in Dubai till now ,she didn't come to Egypt till despite she is on the waiting list in airport of those who as soon as they get down of the airplane ,they will find a police officer dragging them to General attorney , a complete humiliation. Sarhan said that she will come to Egypt and that she is not afraid from coming back to the end of that talk but from what I see and read ,I think she is afraid . I read that she is gathering a big team of lawyers whom I bet that Farid El-Deeb will be among them and that she met with the billionaire Prince and owner of Rotana Cinema Prince Waleed Ibn Talaal to have his support.
She attacked El-Mahawar TV channel and accused them to aim for destroying her and this will bring to the title of the post "Destroying Hala Sarhan"
Yes there is an attempt of Destroying Hala Sarhan professionally ,that's what I see by the orders of the government.
Hala Sarhan 's C.V
Look let's see the c.v of Sarhan first
Her PhD is not for Journalism or media as many think , it is in Ballet ,oh yes
Her career began in the United States when she worked in the Arabic American TV then she married famous TV host Emad Adeeb of Orbit ,then she got divorced from him
Her fame began from working in ART networks owned by Saudi Tycoon Sheikh Saleh Kamel ,the ART network in the past some of its channels were for subscription and their primary viewers are from the Gulf
The fame of Hala came from discussing topics considered taboos in the Arabic Society from Sex mainly whether from homosexuality,from secret marriages to magic to drugs and so on.
I saw her in the ART , she wasn't bad but it was kind of sad because it was always about Egyptians despite her denial , but really all the bad examples from Egypt and the Arab world is watching on the usual circus from Cairo.
Anyhow the bad thing in her ,she is not serious like Mona El-Shazely or Oprah , she is more like a woman who likes to scream and laugh loudly ,she is hysterical woman
The end of her work in ART came when Sheikh Saleh Kamel saw her act inappropriate on TV during Ramadan,you see she also used to host actors and singers too and join them in singing and dancing stupidly
So She packed her bags and moved to Egyptian channel , the second private channel in Egypt Dream TV owned by business man Ahmed Begat , for truth she built this channel , in this channel Sarhan become a house hold name , no more subscription cable network ,it is open public channel , Sarhan made scoops there with the exclusive interview of Egyptian Billionaire Mohamed El-Fayed . She discussed important issues in that time ,by the way her editor in the channel was Wael Al-Abrashi who presents now on the same screen his fantastic TV Show "The truth"
The End of dream
Hala Sarhan was fired from the Dream TV channel after airing a program where a guest criticized Gamal Mubarak on air , back then from 4 years it was a great bold thing to criticize Junior on any screen , any how Sarhan was kicked so badly in a way I think all the real TV viewers didn't like it , I mean it wasn't her mistake that one of her guest criticized Junior
Sarhan in Dream TV tickled more political stuff and I guess that why she was punished then
Anyhow Waleed Ibn Talaal took her in his Rotana channels as a head to Rotana cinema where she had several TV shows ,mostly interviews with Cinema stars and Singers so silly ,Sarhan is talented for sure ,yet she seemed to me wasting her talents in that way
Silly actors and singers like Haifa Wahaby and Elissa with all the respect to their fans !!
Anyhow after the rise and return of talk shows in Egypt like in Dream TV which suffered for a while till Mona El-Shazely ,the old co-worker of Sarhan in ARTwho left the channel and moved with her husband who is a production manager ,Sarhan till then didn't discuss any important or taboo thing in the channel which is owned by an Arab , yet when she saw that every one returned to the game of discussing Taboos ,she returned back to her old hobby ,opening Taboos
But there were several problems or barriers met her that time:
  1. It is owned by An Arabic business men, many Egyptians including my self find it silly to discuss Egypt sensitive problems in Arabic channels alone without mentioning to our dear Arabic friends
  2. Her style became more and more provoking ,rude with everyone
  3. It is all about Sex and women , certainty not all our social problem is about Sex and Women ,in fact I believe those two things and their problems are the product of other social problems
  4. She became so silly from hosting silly actors and singers really
  5. She is no longer in Cable network ,she is in open air now ,and some sensitive episodes had to be rated for +18 , at least in Operah they want warnings
  6. Sarhan learned her lesson and avoid any political debate at all ,and it seemed to me that there was a great censorship on her TV shows more than anyone,I mean the next half of her episode with Nawal El-Sadawy wasn't aired , same thing happened to the episode of Bani -Mazaar Slayer with detained MB Talaat El-Sadaat!!
Unfortunately she did the forbidden thing ,and attacked the authorities ,the police
The Unofficial conspiracy of destroying Hala Sarhan
During the first episodes of the prostitutes in Egypt , one of the girls ,the so-called whores said that whores give money to Police to protect them !!!
Very dangerous and humiliating accusation to the Egyptian Police which already is facing huge criticism because of the torture cases to find this new charge !!
Look it is not about the girls who pretend to be whores or the integrity of media ,it is about accusing the Egyptian Police with a dirty charge not publicly but regionally  and that's why Sarhan is facing those charges that would destroy her career if she is found guilty
This is not a conspiracy theory but it seemed to me that Hala knows very well that there are higher orders to destroy her and that's why she is in Dubai , that's why she is crying there , I am sorry but Hala cries , for God Sake ,she is a very strong woman ,and strong women don't usually cry on air in front of millions except knowing it is the last refuge
Al-Ahram newspaper whose assistant chief in editor Syad Ali who adopted this case and exposed it is an official public newspaper , nothing published in it except by the approval of the security authorities , come on articles of famous Fahamy Howaidy and Salama Ahmed Salama some days weren't published because the censor of security didn't like what they wrote ,I respect Syad Ali so so so much and by the way Al-Ahram didn't publish first it was the independent Daily El-Masry El-Youm in the publications
Of course the one who made a scoop ,a real one is El-Mahawar TV show "90 minutes" whose editor was visiting Syad Ali in his office in "Al-Ahram" when he met and saw the girls and thus brought the cameras and made interviews with them  and the interviews were aired that night
El-Mahawar channel is known to be a NDP speaker , on the contrary of Dream TV that despite the fact that its owner is from the NDP business Tycoon it became the opposition speaker in Egypt
El-Mahawar and Al-Ahram are now heading a crusade against Hala in a strange way, those are governmental controlled institutes and thus the reason may not be as they say , of course a man like Syad Ali already known to his rejection to the kind of media Hala used to present for a long time so I am surprised by his attack but I am surprised with the side of the attack in Al-Ahram and El-Mahawar
Look let's be frank ,the girls are not that innocent ,in fact they are mistaken , yes they are poor and in desperate need to money but this need made them not only lie but defame themselves
And I guess that well Hala's defense will depend on ,already she wondered how the people compared her to girls who said that they were whores only for 400 pounds , they can be liars
Now to my Egyptian Chronicles Scoop
From a reliable source , from someone who works in TV field in as TV host yet more international than Hala Sarhan , this is a campaign to destroy her professionally , already  from a professional legal point of view , it is not the mistake of Hala Sarhan as long as she is not a member in the editing crew , she is only the TV presenter who host the guests the editors crew bring to her , it is the mistake of the editors who fabricate the sources , she only reads what she is given too , but of course you have another problem that is the girls saying that she met face by face and knew their reality and so .
That reliable source tole us that this is a campaign to destroy her
Hala Sarhan knows very good especially that no one of her glamorous friends from actors,singers and directors are standing with her ,close friends like Youssra and director Inas El-Dagady , where are they ??
They know very well that it is not good to stand with her despite she stood with them because they know it is not the right time , she is being punished now.
Another proof on my theory is that no official newspaper or even independent beside El-Dostor made an interview with her defending herself , may be it is intelligent of herself to have interview with El-Dostor weekly ,the leading opposition independent best selling newspaper but it is strange already when I think about now , Al-Ahram Daily is leading the crusade and Al-Akhabr is acting as nothing happened at all
Same thing like all the public publications in Egypt,of course I don't include the cheap tabloids
Everyone is repeating the same stories over and over
One of the guests of Hala in those bloody doomed episodes Director Magady Mohamed Ali says that it is an attempt to destroy and defame Hala
I don't when Hala is coming back to Egypt ,I mean staying in Dubai makes her look worst than ever
You know I think that what hurts Hala so much now is the fact that most people in Egypt are angry from her , yes they don't respect those girls either but Hala is a provoking personality ,yes she is talented but rude and provoking , she can be sometimes arrogant,also we must bear in mind she discusses topics conservative society in a country like in Egypt doesn't like to discuss taboos of sex on air in that disgusting way to all the world to watch ,that's why many are happy to for her destruction process happening right now as some looks to her as a caller to feminism and secularism
For me she is an annoying talented person who is paying the mistakes of being hypocrite to the gulf billionaires , yes I am sorry for the tough words , but why didn't the editing crew of Hala Sarhan go to Dubai to have interviews with the Russian and Indian prostitutes !! why they didn't go to the Women prison in Egypt ??
Stop insulting Egypt ,I didn't have problem with Sarhan in Dream TV but I don't tolerate our insult in Arabic screens ,because we are enough of accusation of being all sorts of bad things in the Arab world
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  1. She is also very vulgar and obscene smart ass

  2. exposing the police that's the mother of all taboos in Egypt. the egyptians are torn between the extremets and the government. prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and Egypt is part of that world. but some people don't like to uncover the dirt, they're happy with status quo, that's why we're going backwards,Hala Sarhan will be destroyed and we will have El Nas channel to watch

  3. Oh yes Amre,she is very vulgar in her style so much

    Anonymous , well I thought that agrivulture is the oldest profession in the world , anyhow the thing is not about uncover hidden truth may be the police just get sick from being blamed for all what it is happening torturr , maadi Slayers and now this dirty accusation of a woman like Sarhan watched regionally
    Hala Sarhan may be destroyed but we won't have to watch El-Nas channel ,you got Dream and you got the remote control

  4. I can't believe that she crid on Tv. I percieve her as a very strong woman.

    Why do you people think of it this way? Hala Sarhan wasn't intending to trash Egyptians, all what she wants to do is highlighting a problem you have in Egypt. I am sure in Jordan we have the same issue.

    In our Arabic societies we have many problems. We have been ignoring them for centuries. Isn't this the time to wake up and start facing out problems instead of covering them and crucifying those who do point them out?

  5. You know Observer if it were n't my relative who told about her cry on Duabi TV ,I wouldn't believe it
    About Sarhan I think it is about trashing the Egyptians or it is in Arabic society as it is about her style , for example I imagined MOna Shazely to be in her place and how the people's reaction will differ
    The problem of Sarhan that she discusses taboos in the same way she interviews Haifa Wahaby and that makes people more angry I think

  6. i think that the whole hala serhan issue is to distract people from more important things or maybe a very specific thing.
    it is by chance that hala serhan is now the victim it could be any other person or any other story.
    hala serhan is a victim, they are putting her under the spot in order to hide other issues, u should search elsewhere for the real problem and not this shallow one, because it is already known not just in egypt but everywhere in the arab world that the prostitution is nothing new.
    and by the way, it is same story as the caricatures of Mohamad in the dans newspapers and the whole problem that was raised around in the arab world and how the people where manipulated by their government to attack and violently condemn these things while each and every day the islam, the arabs and the muslim people are being attacked and discriminated everyday in the whole world and no body fight for this or even care about.
    how easily people can fall under these traps, it is a big sign of ignorance.

  7. part of what you said in true ,but the strange thing Egyptians reached to the level that they don't care now to watch what is going to happen
    may be because they began to understand the game, it became like Maadi Slayer thing


  9. Look, here's Hala Sarhan interviewing El Naschie about his candidacy for President of Egypt.

  10. I think its absolutly ridiculos that you put an entire artical about her in this way. yes indeed the essence of most of the problems in Egypt are Sex and Women.
    For a very simple reason: Man treat women like they were treated 1600 years ago. Sex is still tabboo soo if there is something that i needed to be talked about then its Sex. Do your reaserch better before you talk s**t and cry about Egypt. Egypts cries for its people, not the other way around.

    And for all you people who think this is a jew/european/american or whatever writing this.... NO



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