Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up: The General Strike 6 April

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Follow Up: The General Strike 6 April

Public Interest:

Yesterday my hair dresser asked me suddenly if I was going to participate in the strike at this point I knew that we all achieved something.

Of course I could not take the day off despite I could because my work load in Sunday is too much to be postponed to Monday ,despite I believe in the Strike , already I decided not to buy anything on that day

Today I found the lady who is cleaning the office in the morning asking me if I found an easy means of transportation , this lady told me that she could not find any micro-bus in the morning and she had to take a taxi , when she asked about the reason they told her that it was because of the strike.

Many people fear the strike effect's on the transportation in Cairo especially.

Today I also knew that down town is so quiet more than usual , very quiet and there is about 200 protesters currently there surrounded by 50,000 anti-riots forces "The usual scene"

The traffic in Egypt is so so so smooth ; there is no usual morning traffic jam and this means either too things : The interior ministry can actually solve the traffic problem when they want or People are in their homes and they did not go to their jobs today ..I think the last one is the correct one

Broken Promises:

Beside the silly warning of the interior ministry against the Vandals who are destroying the general Peace and the Nation , I found that both Al Ahram and Al Ahkbar today in the front page with big bold fonts announcing a happy surprise for the citizens , a rise in the annual social bounce ,instead of 5% or 7% it became 20% and that the citizens will receive it in the next month of July 2008 !!!!!!!!!! Oh yes they have to wait about another 3 months !!!

The regime is trying to drug the people with these false hopes

already I was thinking about the raise, from 5% to 20% , you raise the bounce 4 times so you know in advance that the current bounce was not enough.

The regime is trying to absorb the people's anger by all ways , it is scared from the general strike and this is why it is trying to fool them with stupid promises.

The strike economic effect:

Live From mes amigos in the Egyptian Stoke market : The trading session is postponed

Bad News :

I read that the security cracked down the strike of the great and honorable Mahalla textile workers , already the general strike was the brain child of these workers . As far as I know from my resources there are a whole army from anti-riots forces around the factories and things are really ugly there

The workers demand a rise in their minimum wages to reach to L.E 1200 , already their factory is from the top factories in its categories in the Mideast

Who is in and Who is not in the Strike :

Here is a list with the Egyptian Parties and groups participating in the Strike and those who are not participating in the group

With the Strike :

  • Kafiya
  • The Demoractic Front Party
  • The Arab Nasserite Party
  • The Gad Party
  • The Karama Party
  • The Waset Party "it is not official party as till it did not take the approval from the party committee , it is a Islamic liberal party and it is against the MB"
  • The independent Parliament Members like PM Talaat El-Sadaat
  • Teachers with a syndication in Alexandria "From the civil society groups"
  • The National company for papers in Alexandria "A factory whose workers demand better wages"

Against the Strike :

  • Al Wafd Party
  • The Tagomah Leftist Party
  • The Wafak Party "Never heard about it"
  • The Arabic Egypt

The MB said that they were with the strike then they said no

The Universities

There is a huge presence of the security forces around the Universities more than usual

There is a strike in Cairo and Helwan universities where as there are currently exams in the Ain Shams university , Ain Shams is headed by the son of Zaki Badr the infamous interior minister and Ain Shams university scares the regime because of its role in the 1970s protests

More to come


  1. Big Hi for all patriots all over Egypt,
    Egypt is changing, I was afraid that the real people meant to protest were away from the scene , but surprisingly, when I decided to tear open the "fermament"and asked the taxi driver, the man in the kiosk under my balcony, when i talked to the public, they were aware of the wind of change, they know better than me that the time has come to raise the voices with our legitimate claims for better life.
    I was on Al Tahrir square on the day of the strike, the Anti-Terror forces arrived as early as usual before the strikers, Also there were dense formations of Central Security troops in Roxi Square, Abbaseyya Square, Ramses Square, Cairo University square, and also in front of the faculty of Engineering and faculty of medicine of Ainshams university.
    they managed to sieze it, but it's enough for any Egyptian to feel that something has changed, and we are not afraid anymore.

  2. Yes Adham , we achieved something this time , we realized that the people are not that sleepy or scared or passive as usual on the contrary , this is just the wind that precedes the storm that will change everything insh Allah


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