Egyptian Chronicles: The interior ministry warns from the general strike.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The interior ministry warns from the general strike.

I think they are scared and they do not know what is  going to happen tomorrow.

Already the interior ministry released an official statement regarding the General strike attacking those who are calling for it by big names from those minority of minority that work against the nation. The interior ministry said that it would stop any attempt of destabilizing the general security from protests in the streets and encouraging citizens on mutiny "already I have known Malek-X the famous leftist and blogger activist blogger was arrested and currently detained in some police station for distributing flyers"

Ladies and Gentlemen I believe that the General Strike has already won thanks to this statement :)

By the way the MB are not going to participate in the strike , as usual , those guys have their own calculation sometimes bargains with the regime

Update: It is not Malek -X only who was arrested and detained but several activists

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