Egyptian Chronicles: what brings the Egyptian army in to the equation ??

Saturday, April 5, 2008

what brings the Egyptian army in to the equation ??

Ayman El-Zowahary , the second man in Al-Qaida released another single , another audio speech in some so-called Islamist website and of course the media all over the world rushed to speak about the new release of the second wanted man in the world "as if it were real"

The same old words are repeated , the new thing is that Ayman said that all those civilians were killed in their attacks were unintended targets and they were killed because their governments used them as shields !!?? " I would not even waste my time or yours about this"

The only thing that made me stop is that Islamic group veteran mentioned the Egyptian army in his talk ;oh yes the Egyptian army was mentioned in specific in his silly talk , he claims that the Al-Qaida has fans in the Egyptian army !! Its popularity is growing in the biggest and most powerful and important army in the Arab world !!

Some will say that the man is trying to repeat some ancient ,well not that ancient , some old history that happened from 26 years when some members of the Egyptian army assassinated President Sadat , those members belonged to the old club of Al-Zawahary , the Islamic group , and because of what they did Ayman went to jail for the second time in his life after the first time in the Nasserite era ; if the Nasserite era destroyed young Ayman as a human in his teenager , well the second time was the one which launched the name of El-Zawahary in the world as a member of a radical terrorist so-called ISlamist group , the Young man who was educated in the English school at Maadi was the spokesperson of the group from the jail cell , as used to speak in English to the media , I once saw a documentary about the Sadat assassination and what happened afterwards from trials to the Islamists and I was surprised to see young Zawahary in the cell.

I know someone will come and say oh Miss brainy do not you see that he is trying to revive an old history ?? creating chaos in Egypt by making the Egyptian army rebel against the regime using religion !! Well this can be true if we are living in a perfect world , but this world is not perfect , call me conspiracy theorist but I am convinced with the Al-Qaida play from the early beginning till the end , even from the assassination of President Sadat.

I am not an expert ,I am trying to figure why he mentioned our army but I just can't

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  1. I just wonder can the word Chaos be the answer for your question? I'm not an expert either, though it seems to me that those people have lost all directions since the end of Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in the 1979.

    Also the "Islamic Group" is carying out the Revisions or Reconsiderations for what they had commited so what he claims cann't be legitimated to fooled people anymore. Yet some people are being fooled with such ideology because of not using minds that Allah grant us with to use!

    Silly, isn't it?

  2. @Hicham , you are right in fact Chaos is one of the steps needed in the new middle east plan of the United States , the rotten dictatorships of the Islamic Middle East must face a chaos period in order to change it and to bring new rulers , who will be better than their puppets of Al Qaida using the ultimate weapon of religion !!??

  3. Creative Chaos please.

    btw, from my point of view, there's compelete differecne between 'Islam' as an ideology -not only religion- and what's being commited under the shadows of by whoever; wherever and whenever.

    OOPS! didn't mean to quote Shakira


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