Egyptian Chronicles: Cinema Metro: Mandil El Helo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cinema Metro: Mandil El Helo

Ok as we are celebrating the feast , I would like to share with this little treasure I Mandel El Helofound on YouTube : A complete version of Mandil El Helo.
Mandil El Helo “My sweetheart’s handkerchief” is a musical comedy starring the legendary Tahia Karioka in her golden time and singer Abdel Aziz Mahmoud. The title of the film was its title song which was one of the most famous songs of Mahmoud. The plot of the film is not that serious , it is just simple comedy that many people like.
You can watch the film after the break.

The film was produced in 1949 , directed by Abbas Kamel . You can find more detailed information about it in Arabic in El Cinema.
Now one of the unique character of this film is the photographer Kodak Agfa that was portrayed by late Hassan Kamel “1883-1959”, I just love his character as well as Kodak Agfa’s expressional art in photography.
Kodak Agfa
I use the name of Kodak Agfa as my flickr name and I am proud of it.
This is dedicated to dear Zeinab Samir and all the lovers of the Black and White films. Unfortunately it is not subtitled.
You know I am thinking of sharing old films here to keep the heritage , the old good heritage of Egyptian cinema alive especially I found that new generations do not know about it.
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  1. As an Arabic movies addict,thanks to my late mother Mrs.Knarig,and i confirm her SHAMELESSLY that SHE was ILLITERATE even in Armenian language or even Turkish she used ,occasionally;,which, We and She ,but She liked the Movies and understood 80% of the conversations in Egyptian-Arabic accent,but never read or wrote, but still i am proud of her not just because She was my MOTHER,also of her courage. courage to create her own dialect to help any foreighner asked route directions to make Him or Her to get to their destination,sometimes even an educated person fails to do as She did, successfully?!!Thanks to her ,i am CERTAIN 200% we have seen that>>MANDIL EL HELOO,when i was about 5./6 or maybe 7 years old,but believe me I cant remember any scene of it??...Yes i do like the late crooner Mr.ABDEL AZIZ MAHMOUDs & His mind/soul relaxing voice and songs,especially movie s title song MANDEEL EL HELO ..YA MANDEEL....,every time i listen to it i get very emotional as i remember my childhood,sitting on my Mom s money was tight so 1 ticket for both of us...Those black & white movies made us Weep/Cry and other times Smile/Laugh..we seen it all,as there was no T.V,yet until 1959 in Lebanon?!

    Cinema Theatres were the only out-lets we had.and being close to downtown Beirut, inevitably too close to them ALL! especially CINEMA Theatro El KABEER<<(GRAND THEATRE) on Ameer Basheer Street/Ryad SOLH Square??,as we lived close to the houses of The Parliament...or as we called it then>>Politicians OWN Theatre?? on (Maarad Street)Sahat El NEJMEH !..I still remember as if it happened just yesterday,times when i felt water drops on my forehead,and as i looked up i saw my Mother s eyes wet with tears falling on my small head as she was emotional with the films events then i began to cry,seeing her tearful eyes,by the way the film was>>ENNI RAHELA..acted by Greats such as Madam MADEEHA YOSSRI & Gentleman Actor late Mr.EMAD HAMDY(1955),Mom was in her early 40s then!! this happened many other times too/Thats why i grew up very sentimental ,careful even to step on ANTS or hurt any weak creature or being>s<...I used to cover my eyes when>>WAHSH EL SHA-SHA (Silver Screens villain then ,late/Great Actor Mr.FAREED SHAWQI trying to murder belly dancer,famous KETTY ,in film called: Afritat ISMAEEL YASSIN, so scared ,even though it was a comedy made in 1954, i was 7 Y.O.....Even when i once met, on BESHARA EL KHOURY Avenue/Beirut ..HIM the GREAT actor with his briefcase coming out , from a office block, signing a new film contract, i guess with a Lebanese producer->s such as Mr.TAHSSIN AL QAWADREE?MAYBE?!.. But still, that fear had some effect on me even after 15/16 long years??........People in those days did not attend theatres to eat POPCORNS,but to get educated/enlightened as much as they could..a movie can really change.. A life or some other times..LIVES!!......Th,,,Th,,,Th,,,That*s All Folks!!......All the best from :Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN/in London/


  2. ABDEL AZIZ MAHMOUD /REAL MEGA STAR OF THE 1940/50S, as an actor and as a singer/composer too,he was in the movie MANDIL EL HELO as mentioned above ,he also played a movie TAXI EL GHARAM(Love Taxi) with Late Madam HOUDA SULTAN...a great singer and fine actress herself too,!!...In the early 1950 s she was married to Arab silver screen s >>cute villain>> late unforgettable
    Mr.FAREED SHAWQI,both were nominated then the most happiest couple in the Arab cinema world..but unfortunately this long Honeymoon ended with tears mid 1960s ??...Together they made over 8/10 movies,too, the one i never forget was 1956 s AL NAMROUD..The Rebel??..i was 9years old ,i still remember that big film s poster that shows Mr.SHAWQI then,reclining on the floor .leg over leg..showing the large HOLE in the SOLEs of his worn out shoes?? outside the walls of CINEMA METROPOLE in Beirut(now demolished as a victim of 15 year civil war in Lebanon)!! of the biggest theatres in the city,after the showing /that movie /was over and all the lights came
    back ,we heard applauding sounded like a big thunder,we looked upwards at the second floor in the theatre s and at the Balcony,to see this Most Beloved Couple standing in person or (SHAKHSSIYYAN) and waving at the cinema audiences,then this was what Madam HOUDA SULTAN quoted in a very shy way :<< TODAY I FEEL VERY UNEASY, AS YESTERDAY WE HAD YOUR DELICIOUS LEBANESE FAMOUS DISH (made of raw meat) AL KIBBI with AL ARAK( famous Lebanese milky coloured drink SUCH as wine)AND MY STOMACH IS INFLATED AS A BALOON AND GRUMBLING>>all laughed and cheered an applauded once again,as she blew kisses ,to all ,as they visited a day before,,THEATRES* QUEEN (Maleekat al Massareh)renowned, Late Madam:BADIAA MASSABNY s, Dairy Farm,as old time friends ;when Madam Massabny made many Great stars come out of her >>Stardom farm<< in CAIRO from 1925 to the end of 1940s,when She returned to SH-TOURA mountainous & a very beautiful village in Lebanon?? Now the Metropole has gone as i mentioned above also saddly the couple and others in that movie departed too ..but what was left SOLID , this cherishable few moments we had in 1956,,as if a 3 dimentional event,as if they walked out ot rhat scope screen to show us that they are one of us flesh an blood and feelings,,,that s why those few minutes engraved in my memory,even though i can^t recall any scene from>>EL NAMROUD<< black/white film of 1956!!...still, one can see it again & again & again on -You Tube-...but that very brief event in METROPOLE no other person will..just me,myself and I,also make me emotional each time i recall it,....THANKS FOR THAT CHEERFUL MEMORY><IES)THEY BOTH LEFT IN MY MIND/HEART & SOUL!////WITH MUCH LOVE TO ALL/Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN/London

  3. AA-SHAT LIL HOBB,meaning, SHE LIVED TO LOVE & FOR LOVE This most beautiful Egyptian lady star that we,> MOST sadly< lost HER on Tuesday 13 December 2016 at the age of 76?? I mean THE Great SUPERSTAR M/ZBEIDA THARWAT(Sarwat)....HER EGYPTIAN beauty was, even SHE>>really proved<< the saying <>YOM MIN OMRY or A DAY IN MY LIFE, with Unforgettable Abdel Halim Hafez too/1961 & Great comedian ABDEL SALAM AL NABOULSI...also ina film with Great crooner Mr.FARID EL ATTRASH in 1973 >>ZAMAN YA HOBB or>>Late Came the LOVE ,few Stage plays can be added to her careers C.V too, but SHE rarely done any significant appearances after 1980s?? as SHE turned up to be in her fifties,.. but for other reasons too, but as, SHE came quietly on our screens in 1956 and so sadly ..quietly SHE LEFT IT 1981..and finally as SHE left her admiring audiences VERY QUIETLY, indeed, on 13/12/2016, FOR GOOD!!...Even though The EGYPT-ARAB silver screen was deprived from its FAIRY-TALE BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS ZBEIDA/but HER old, black & white and some others in colour movies will never fail or deny HER qualifications & talent and ofcourse HER beauty for the next generations of film/cinema BUFFS!!>GODHIS< HEAVENLY PEACE// & GOD bless ALL: from: Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN/London

  4. Madam ZBEIDA THARWAT or ZUBAYDA..however one spelled HER sweet sounded name of THIS ARAB-SILVER SCREEN ICON & PRINCESS,leads to ONE fact that WE /The Arab World LOST IRREPLACEABLE Super-cinema STAR of the 1950/60/70 and of the early 1980s??..Loved and Admired by millions of Cinema audiences and many other Sound & Sight means followers/THIS is in fact a SAD week concerning The Egyptian cinematic industry as, WE too, lost a Great actor..A giant talented Late Mr.AHMAD RATEB a GIANT talent which thoroughly and Sadly will be missed by Millions ..Both were seriously devoted to their careers in whatever the task was..leaving behind a WIDE GAP that will take a very long time to fill..if that was ever, possible at all??
    ...But one thing they surely left behind is their MARKS on the FILMS
    industry and and Unforgettable names in its HISTORY,as pillars of it too...time will never pass THEM by/As we farewell both The GREAT stars...that will never diminish and will become ..Brighter with their LEGACY and also will be remembered as time goes by..,RIP..M/Z.THARWAT & Mr. AHMAD RATEB /Surely THEY BOTH WILL BE MISSED TREMENDOUSLY!! Our deepest condolences to the close & loving members of both>>Respectful Families<<from London/Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN & Friends.


  5. Sayidat al ShaSha al Arabia or Lady FATEN HAMAMA...if you were in the Middle-East back in the mid.1940/50/60->early 1970s ,surely you read that name on 1, even 2 cinema /theatres* film posters, as SHE was in HER haydays making,at least, 4->5 great movies a year,Only mentioning HER name on a poster..made the seats ..booked/OR THEATRES COMLPETE/as we used to say,and for few weeks in advance, some cinema attendants used to squat or even sit on their coats laid on the floor,HER movies the shortest period shown in those venues,at least 5 weeks,unseized!! HER fame & popularity was Phenomenon...and unlimited in the region...SHE briefly appeared as a child in 1939 /was 7 y.old cute little girl next to Music/Song GIANT Mr. MOHAMMED ABDEL-WAHAB in a classical movie called YOM SA-EED(Happy Day),SHE was called in it ANEESA but HER come-back was AFTER 6 years called NAGWA in 1944 in>> A BULLET IN THE HEART movie :or(RESSASSA FIL QALB)again with Late/Great Mr. M.ABDEL-WAHAB??..FATEN=Charmer/HAMAMA=female pigeon or dove?if HER good name translated literally?? AS a name and AS a person SHE charmed us all in the Arab world for many decades and still HER screen appearances through HER classical/mostly black & white ones..Still>>>Do TO THIS DAY!!...Everyone saw her movies wished if.. his/her door neighbour..even daughter was a copy of HER characters SHE devotionally + most convincingly..played on the silver screen!from 1944>1972??..A modest Comment as mine doesn^t give Lady Hamama HER full rights, HER intriguing lifetime needs volumes to tell HER Cinematic-Biography/ least!!But all i can mention here is a reminder to all that TUESDAY the (17)th JANUARY 20(17) will be HER ABSENCE* 2nd ANN.,.even though SHE left us a couple of years ago but HER legacy/works/tears that SHE shed and they were so catchy & TRUE that jerked OUR tears..too,except in one Movie SHE didn^t WEEP/ was>LAN ABKI ABADAN/or >>I WON^T CRY ?? WE TOO, WON^T FORGET YOU DEAR FATEN HAMAMA...NEVER!!From Is-hak Barsoumian/London

  6. <>or I WON^T CRY..NEVER>> 1957 film was called, where YOU,THE LADY of the Arab Silver-Screen Mrs.FATEN HAMAMA (ABDELWAHAB). played it Once with no tears in your Beautiful-ANGELIC eyes, next to your colleague , HIMSELF a Super-Star, Late/Great Mr.IMAD HAMDY or>>>THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN of the Arab Cinematic culture?? YOU BOTH were the BEST ever(screen couple)of the 1950>60s...we all AGREED ON unanimously in those 20 years....But still the MAGIC potion that you held in YOUR Movements + YOUR voice + YOUR Kindness & Affection + Calm & Simple looks.,+ Your Hair Style/Casual Cloths YOU chose to wear in YOUR movies.let alone The heavenly sincere smiles/Laughter/Tears you were renowned by & shed ..made your MOVIES a CULTURAL HERITAGE in its almost 90 y.old History..Even in few movies when you wore torn/very poor quality blouses/skirts/ as your role Required then,YOU looked always like a PRINCESS, A PERFECT LADY <> entered our hearts & soles without prior permission... So,on your 2nd year of departure from us Tuesday 17th Jan.2017 WE say>>that line<< to YOU,,Loudly >> WE LOVE YOU..TOO/Most Beloved & UNFORGETTABLE Lady FATEN HAMAMA....I should add here one certain quote,< I WON^T CRY AGAIN..NEVER?!
    But WE all, whom knew & loved YOU,can^t promise you(that),BUT one thing we promise YOU>DEAREST ONE is YOU will always be Remembered as A ROLE it was to the Ladies of yesteryears & Today^s & Future^s/ also to the FEMALE STARS/Actresses of Today & Tomorrow whom SHOULD TAKE HEED OF & Follow YOUR steps/.....GOD BLESS YOUR SWEET UNDYING MEMORY... &Finally,as they said: Tears won^t bring back the dear departed..but i say humbly...YOU Dear Lady FATEN HAMAMA brought the Tears back to our you always..DID THEN?!///From London Is-hak BARSOUMIAN


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