Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poll time : Do not Underestimate the Fear Factor

Abu Dhabi Gallup Center published from two weeks or even less a very interesting survey about the crime rate after the revolution and it reached to a surprising result : The crime rate is somehow steady whether before or after the revolution , it is only the fear that leaped to the space.
Source : Abu Dhabi Gallup
Ironically enough according to this poll the crime rate “whether assault or theft” decreased from year 2010 !!
It is true and actually to be fair the crimes pages did not change so rapidly or so badly after the revolution , in fact I do remember that that by the end of the Mubarak’s era we were stunned by those crimes committed in the country because of poverty and the absence of social justice not to mention. There is no difference between the crime page in any Egyptian  pre-revolution or post revolution in my point view and thank goodness Abu Dhabi Gallup center proves this !! 
That fear is created by the media as well as the deliberate lack of security and the absence of police officer. It was a plan put to release the prisoners from jails to create chaos to force the people accept the policy of the MOI and the regime in violent crackdown and police brutality. Part of the plan is to create to the level that you make people prefer his pseudo security and pseudo stability over real democracy.
I remember January 28th ,2011 and what was being said on TV channels from thugs attacking homes and even raping women !! I remember in our neighborhood the young men while guarding during the first early days of the revolution before the army would spread its units in Cairo and Giza street were summoned by an alert from the Mosque that some thugs coming to our street. For hours men kept awake on alert and we were in our homes can’t sleep for one moment. When the morning came I knew from our neighbors that the Mosque’s sheikh told them he had to say that in the Mosque’s speaker after receiving a tip from the sheriff of our police station !!!!
Of course as a result of that sky rocket fear we got sky rocket sales in arms unlike anytime in Egypt , I am not speaking here about electroshock but I am speaking about big guns smuggled from Libya. That sky rocket fear with arms in the hands of everybody with the deliberate lack of law enforcement produce a catastrophic jungle law !!
How to solve this fear ? Well may be it is only solved if the people feel for real that the police in the street are protecting them day and night !!


  1. Crime is crime.Crooks have no interest in resolution or anything . Th more poor the people the more crime rate.Love your blog.

    Follow each other.

    and Happy eid :).

  2. Nice post Zenobia


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