Egyptian Chronicles: It is not even the 1960s but WWII propaganda

Monday, October 27, 2014

It is not even the 1960s but WWII propaganda

Because adopting the 1960s media and propaganda we find today that this was not enough and now the Pro-military supporters are using two or three chapters from WWII propaganda book guide.

This poster with sets of orders to the Egyptian people to follow during the current war on terrorism so the terrorists won't win. This poster is signed by a group calling itself "We, the peope of Egypt

Here is the English translation of the orders in the poster. It is translated by dear friend Dalia Ezzat.

We are the people of Egypt

Egypt is in a state of war, therefore we request the following from everyone :

  1. Sharing any negative statements about your army or your country circulated by agents or the fifth column is prohibited.
  2. Sharing any negative information about military operations or related to the state of soldiers and conscripts is prohibited.
    1. Sharing any negative words that question or insult the military, your leadership or your or authorities is prohibited.
    2. Writing about your psychological breakdown over what is happening in the country is prohibited as you will be serving the interests of agents.
    3. No one , no matter who they are, should be permitted to malign your army and your leadership. Such people should be dealt with with firmness to prevent them from causing further damage and moving on with this information to other people.
    4. Sharing any information about military operations , even if you're confident of this information, is absolutely prohibited. You should wait for an official statement from a military source. Not all information should be shared.

    And finally to the so called activists and Twitter Jihadists

    Please don't comment on or attempt to criticize the military or its operations. If you have better suggestions for what should be done, you can communicate them directly to the military sources concerned or keep quiet and don't attempt to divide us or stop our path.

    Reading this in Arabic makes me feel that whoever wrote it was or is an army officer. I believe he could be an army veteran.

    I know one thing for sure the rights of those who were killed in Sinai in cold blood in the past 3 years won't return in this way.




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    1. If Tunisian political parties like Nidaa Tounes, the Popular Front, the Congress for the Republic, Ettakol, and so and so forth tried to operate in Egypt they would be persecuted, subject to intimidation, even shut down in some cases. The Sisi regime is a foe of liberalism and quite obviously opposes left wing viewpoints of any kind.

      It is not logically possible to support defamation campaigns and state persecution of these Egyptian movements while at the same time claiming to be favorable toward other countries' political factions. The stage is being set for a broader confrontation between everyone who opposes the military supremacists, obscurantist monarchists, and fascists and these various Arab governments.

    2. Replies
      1. Have anything to say about what Zeinobia wrote about? Your thoughts?? Doubt the blog is going to stop anytime soon.

      2. @Anonymous 10/28/2014 01:58:00 AM, there is a recurring inside joke you are not aware of. He (or She) said "Stop !" mimicking a certain regular commenter here who shall remain unnamed by me.

    3. Oh Egypt, your friends cry for you. The blood of your young was spilled in vain.


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