Saturday, September 18, 2004

Islam and Democracy

To say the truth I amnot ready till now and don't know till when to be a daily blogger ,it is hard but I need a forum to hear my voice,to say what I feel and what I think and this is the most proper place I guess.
well I stop talking about my personal feelings and go for the big event ,with no furthur introductions ,I will begin my journey with the Islam and democracy .
First I apologize that my translation could be bad and may not give the meaning as it is in Arabic but I will try as I can,and the honor of trial is enough for me.
"THE MUSLIMS' MATTERS ARE DISCUSSED AMONG THEM" a direct order mentioned in Holy Quarn ,I hope that translation is correct ,I will explain it again,simply the muslims'matters in anything in life from religion to economics ,from politics to social problems are discussed freely among them ,discussion is the word here. This is number one.
"No difference between a forgien and an Arabic except by the fear of God", simply there is defference between foreign Muslims or Arab Muslims except by the fear of God and this is only known by God,equity is the word here.this 's number 2.
"If you judge ,judge justly" ,if judge in anything ,you must be fair ,be just ,to fear God in your choices the Justice is very important , many parts Holy Quran speaks about justice ,Justice is from the characters of God in Islam , Justice is the word here ,this is number 3.
3 words ,simple words but with great influence ,that they made a revolution from 14 centuries that made tribes in Arabia fought that religion and tried to get rid of it
DISCUSSION,EQUITY AND JUSTICE, I believe these three words are the core of any democratic civilization
now here is the question ,which Arabic or Muslim government work with those 3 words or even just one word? None and this is our problem.
3 words ,simple word ,depend on each ,you can't have Equity with Justice and you can't have Justice with discussion .
there are other words than three , other words present the core of the real Islam ,the Real face of civilization of Islam that once ruled the world
and the Saga Continues......

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