Wednesday, October 6, 2004

The other side of the world

I was going to write about the great war that led to peace for the first time and I think the last time in the middle East when I decided to change the subject ,to another one and it is obivous from the title,I have another blog in Stardock's joeuser blog service yet I am not active in it as this one(as if I am active in this one also, but I am trying the honor of trial is enough for me:))anyway I found in joe users 's blogs full of strange false stuff against Islam and when I tried to correct it ,some Americans opened their fire one me( I use some because they don't represent all the Americans),I released that I was the one Muslim in site ,yet I had a chance to see how they think and see Islam
well I got a good idea ,simply they hate Muslims,Islam and the Arab world altogether , in another simple words they won't feel sorry fo,why not? They have a complete a false image in their minds about the Islam,why not ? The American Administration and media made the War on terrorism ,a war on Islam , the religion of more than one billion across around the global became a target for everyone and for what ? For economic reasons ,OIL is the easiest form
American administration and Media created a new threat for its own people after the fall the USSR, a threat that was made orginailly in The C.I.A the islamic fundamentalist threat ,the green threat (they don't know that Islam hasno specific colors or even signs )
they made a threat from their own people ,there are many American Muslims who helped in building the United States'Glory ,man like DR.Farouk ELBAZ in NASA ,a name that is mentioned in Apollo's journies ,DR.Ahmed Zoual, a Nobel prize Winner
I live in the middle and crossing of the Old world and I watch the new World ,because I found out that the decisions taken in the OVAl Office has an effect on me
then 9/11 came with it's tragedies that still happenning,(for truth it was a horrible accident ,I was going to lose two I know personally in it),and then every person became an expert in Islamic Affair and he or she doesn't know anything except reading a false article here or there
What do you know about the Muslims and arabs ? Their history? Their land ? Their life?Their conditions now socially?Politically?Economically?Their traditions?
zero,except what you see in Fox ,CNN and other TV channels
I read in many sites strange things about Islam and Arabs ,things make laugh and things make me angry
Many people in the internet using bad language with a lot of hatred,yet I can't be like them because my religion the real ISLAM ordered me not to be so
THE Bush's administration created a world of two sides one of them is the Arab Islamic world
I am really amazed to see how the American politicians come to our TV channels and newspapers saying that United states respect the Islam and Muslims
while in homeland it became no.1 target for hate
Millions the American Congress is paying to support the HURRA TV CHANNEL to make it just a popular or even watchful TV channel (they cannot compete with El-Jazeera or EL-ARABYA news channels ,especailly El-JAzeera is making an english spoken channel)
another last thing
you have to respect the others
you have to listen to the other because may be the other is right ,may be you are right ,may be one of you will be right after 50 years
Peace upon you all

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