Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Lebanese Style Enriched the Egyptian Style

Nawal dress Posted by Hello
"I tried a dress similar to this ,it was great yet its price was 4950 !!"
Today I bought a nice night Gown for my Prom ,It is very very chic ,yet it is very very expensive but indeed it was much much cheaper than the other available,May be I will post the photos of my prom onlineNotice something I went to three designers ,all ladies ,dresses were remarkable yet all were inspired by the Lebanese fashion style .The wedding dresses I saw were wonderful that I wished that if it just weren't my prom but my weddingEgyptian girls and ladies ,if you have a nice sum of Money " a big one",go for those places : Melody ,Viola and Nadia ElShekih .
Another remarkable discovery I found out that day that the groom is one who is supposed to pay for the bride's dress 'another obstacle ,he has to pay everything!!" an info. That I knew from my Grand Mother

Dresses I found were inspired by the Lebanese style ,Like Nawal El-Zogbhy and Elissa 's beautiful dresses ,especailly in Nadia El-Shekih designs and Viola's design
Melody designs are similar to Magda El-Roumi 's Style
The lebanese style enriched the Egyptian Style
I wish the Lebanese people struggle for freedom will enrich the Egyptian people struggle for freedom too

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