Saturday, April 2, 2005

A Sherk Soup!!! ah ya Balad

Today I heard something strange that made sad and sick at the same time ,simply there is a short article in El-Wafad daily newspaper saying that on the Menu of the Four Seasons hotel in Sharm El-Shekin there is a A sherk Fish Soup !! ok it doesn't stop at here
yes you will be amazed

more shocks are coming

it is for 900 L.E !!!

The Sherk ,the nice fishy that ate people in The Jaws movies series ,is a Dish Soup ,,For God Sake People ,it feeds on flash ,human flash if there is no fish ,this is sick

what is more sicker , or more sadder or even more comic is that it is for 900 L.E 'ok I know the Egyptian pound is losing its powers by time " but this is too damn much 900 for a soup dish ,why? what is in it?
Like my Grand Mom said when she heard this 'for God Sake ,it is just boiling water with Lemon and a piece of Fish '
Are Egyptians now so rich to pay this sum for just a Soup?!!
if this the Soup ,what about the main Course I wonder ?!!

This proves another thing that we live in Crazy about Sex world ,as these strange food plates for creatures like Sherk 'I refer to Creature but it extends no to the Fish or animals or birds but to Humans too ' have a myth that they give men more power !!!!!!! this is pure sick thinking ,this is pure ignorance by health facts

and what is more strange is that the one who can afford buying this Dish is a very very rich man who is supposed to be educated !!!

900 L.E Soup Dish for the rich ,and people die in poor quarters for Clean Water

Ah ya Balad

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  1. Zeinobia.. Why are you amazed?

    This soup is only for "7itaan" (tycoons)



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