Monday, May 2, 2005

is this terrorism ? or is this comedy ? or is this what?

Ok all Egyptians of course were surprised by the attacks of today ,the first in beside the Hilton hotel in Abd El-moniem Ryiad square in Tahrir ,this I have passed through it million times ,so did not just thousands but millions of Egyptians did then there was another attack, an historical attack as female factor entered the terrorism equation in Egypt
Did u read the Ahram today ? did you follow the statement of the Police?
I am afraid the Government thinks we were idoits ,for God Sake we are not born yesterday
  1. ,they said that the misrable Ehab ,the terrorist jumped from the bridge and bombed himself!! ,ok the body was with no head right yet the rest of the body seems fine except the head ,if a person jumped from this hight with a bomb ,his body should be thousand pieces?
  2. How Come he knew those tourists were Iseralis ,did u see their pictures it is available in todays edition in El-Sharq El-awast newspaper, believe me they look normal Egyptians ,would they walk with written on their foreheads 'We ARE ISERALIS'.
  3. The two girls his sister ,and his girl friend or wife or finance ,how fast they knew about his death ? how fast and how determinant were they to get his revenge from any tourist bus and get weapons ,wear black tents !! right away terrorist act
  4. did u see the ahram photo for his sister ,what is this over her eye ? is this eye shadow ? or knock out or what?
  5. They said she shot the other girl and then shot her self ,so practically she killed her friend and then committed Suicude ,not muslim acts as I see it ,you tell me people
  6. Why on earth did Ehab has Bashndi Id Card with him ?

Read the statements and then Read and try to answer these questions and answer the title post plz

Plz answer me

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  1. I think this is a fabricated story. Especially when all street witnesses the day before this statement, they all concluded that the dead egyptian was on the ground " most of them said he actually was with the tourists - a tour guide of some sort" and that a package was thrown on this guy's head from 6th Oct bridge.


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