Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Egyptian flags parade

As the 23rd of July is on the doors after few days , I decided to celebrate this year in unusual way not the same critizing and blaming the revolution no but in other way I will celebrate it by lookng to our modern old ,middle and recent hsitory and see if we really made it or not
anyway I will start today with light thing
Do you know how many flags we had in our modern time ? what do they mean ?
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, We are the Egyptians ,we have wonders that no place in the Worldhas it ,we achieved the impossible from making a great civilization no one is able to make like it till now ,we are also the most -changing flags country in the world ,I don't think so that any country in the world had changed its flag more repeatly than us' another achievement'
You will know what I mean

little introduction: Before Mohmed Ali Basha coming to the power and rule in Egypt ,we had the same Turkish flag ,the red with white crescent in the Middle as we were among the countries under the Turkish rule .....well it won't change for a while and you will see yourself

From year1826 to year 1867 ' During the Golden age of modern Egypt - and used again from 1881 to 1914 , when British Army came to Egypt till the WWI when Turkey lost the war and The turkish Empire destroyed .........

From 1867 to 1881 , the birth of the liberal life in Egypt then changed used the other above flag then this one was back in business from 1914 to 1923 , vice versa , Those years are from the british rule till our indepedence in 1923 ' not complete independence' ..

My favoite flag , The famous royal green flag with white Crescet with three stars ,do you know why I love it ? I will tell because of its meaning as I read and I was told by elderly people The following: The green colour presents the Valley of the Nile and welfare that comes from the Nile and agriculture , The crescent presents the Islamic identity of Egypt ,the country of Al-azhar the Jewel of Islam as once was called , The Three stars presents the three religions of the society , the Muslims, The Chirstians and the jews , as you see it got beautiful meaning ,many said that this flag brought welfare to Egypt :) This one stayed somehow longer period than the previous ones from the year 1923 to the year 1958 , from the independence to the Unity with Syria

The Arabic flag for the The United Arab republic from the year 1958 to year 1971 , this includes the years Egypt and Syria were one country then Egypt became a sole member in its union , the two star presents The North 'Syria' and The south 'Egypt' The red presents the Arabic blood , the black present the bad years under the foreign rule ,king ...bla bla bla

The Egyptian Flag ,Egypt returned to Egypt again after the united Arab republic thing , Late Sadaat flag I like and love it after the green royal one , I love it because it was the one raised on the Land of Sinai after 1973 , you will notice it is the same as the above from colors but the difference in the middle , here it is golden Hawk of Qoriash , got many meanings ,including power of Hawk ,nobility of Qorish tribe ,the most famous arabic tribes in all time ,prophet Mohamed 'PBUH" belongs to it ,iHawk of Qoriash is the symbol of Arabhood , it was the nickname of Abd-Rahman El-Dakhl the founder of the Amoi dynasty in Arabic spain , he was a poet ,knight and prince , I love this flag ,unfortunately it was from 1971 to the year I was born 1984

from 1984 to when I don't know , same as the two above it but changed the Hawk to the Eagle , I don't why we changed the last one to this one !!!!!!!!!!!'is it the american Eagle influence or what ?"

Now 6 flags in just 200 years ,it is too much ,isn't it , Every ruler comes and change his ancesoter flag !
Can anyone tell me why we change our flags like this ?

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