Thursday, July 7, 2005

Sad ,angry and surprised- London Blast

First of All I share all my sympahty to all my British Friends especailly Andy,Illya, Jon Paul and Wes . I was just coming from very Hot Cairo Streets ,when I found the main news in Internet that London had severl Blasts in stations and 9 were dead ,hundreds were transfered to hospitals across the Fogs Capital
Blood and terror are every where ,Blair left the G8 meeting in Scoutland ,Bush made an important a closed Circuit meeting with his Cabinat through satelites ,the western world is watching in terror ,fear . it is the second to happen in Europe after Madrid's Huge Blasts ,in the same way ,same techinque and so most of people think it is the same doer , The Qaida

Now the new thing ,I have just read the Statement which the Qaida branch in Europe announcing its responsibility for the Blast in the arabic e-newspaper ,already the statement was published in a Saudi Forum ,the new thing was that all the Arab muslims who read the announcement and I among them ,are not convinced that it is real ,or even the So -Called Qaida Branch in Euorpe are Muslims

I was angry ,sad and surprised after reading this theartical announcement for those finding:

  1. The huge amount of spelling mistakes in Arabic ,those can't be so religious people as the so-religious radical people are perfect in the Arabic Language
  2. The spelling Mistakes even reached to The Quarn Verses !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a horrible mistake in Islam , if they are so-relgious ,radical, islamist ,they should know Quarn by heartand know its grammer and spelling right
  3. The word 'Gazowa'=Battle used in the statement ,anyone who is muslim and knows the arabic Islamic history and knows the arabic vocabulry ,very very Good ' radical muslims should be so ,they go for the old books' , This word Gazowa is only used and OnlLy only only used to describe the battles that Prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' shared in , it is prohibited and forbiden to use it with any one else ,proof on that after his Death 'PBUH"the friends or Sahaba battles were always described as battles , no one uses this word and it was always used in Arabic to describe the Prophet's battle, All the Islamic Arabic Wars were described as battles . great honourable battles made by Khaled Bin Walid ,El-Farok , Salah El-Din and others who BIn Laden tries dares not to compare himself with

I am sorry for this blast , sorry for the victims as a Muslim and as a human
I am sorry for those who lost their beloved in this day or even injured
Islam is innocent for those acts ,those are not muslims


  1. Bravo, Good posts. Days like these you wish you could fast forward or at least stay in bed till it's over. By the way I've responded to most of your comments on my site. Come check it out.

    Karim Elsahy

  2. First of all, I share your sympathy. But... who said that at this point in time those criminals pay any attention to anything religious? They are just criminals. Are you telling me that those insurgents killing people in Iraq are supposed to be religious and memorize the quran? Religion to them is just an excuse, not a goal (I think it never was.)

    And yes, they do use the word "Ghazwa" to describe such hateful crimes. Including Bin Laden himself calling the 9-11 attacks "Ghazwet New York".

    You're expecting too much from such people.

  3. Thanks Karim for Nice words
    to Anonymous
    Using the word itself making me angry , I know Bin Laden used it , but when he used it ,all people stopped at it
    You right about using the religion as excuse not as a goal


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