Thursday, July 7, 2005

The Egyptian Ambassador Tragdy -: "Al Qaeda in Iraq threatens to kill captive Egyptian ambassador

The Kidnapping of the Egyptian Ambassador Mr.Ehad El-Sherif is taking a new road when the Kidnappers ' The Al-Qaida branch in Iraq led by strange motivated Zaraqawy ,I will tell why strange later" showed today his ID Cards and then announced its judgment by killing him as punishment for being INFIDEL !!!!!!!!!and as Egyptian for Egypt is ally to Crusaders and Jews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to their say , and Egypt got some hands in Abo gharib and in Guantanamo. Bay , also the Egyptian intelligence is bad ,bla ,bla ,bla Egypt is bad ,you will die Ehab

I am so angry ,first is the Egyptian government becoming so weak to surround like that to bunch of terrorists ? second any Muslim read the damned statement will see that those bastards are pretend to be Muslims ,not real ones who use the real Sharia in their judgment


Ok They accused El-Sherif of being infidel , this is a very strong accusation Islam ,it is not easily any accused by it ,it is simply to be out of Islam ,not Muslim ,this is to put in simple word but it is more than that by many many degrees ,it is section in the sharia 'Islam laws' with different chapters and conditions , not anyone is able to accuse another one by this accuse ,in fact it is great sin to accuse another Muslim ,who is still a muslim 'Like Mr. El-Sherif' by it
Now look for why they accused Mr El-Sheif by it
- He is the representative of a country that has relations with Christians and Jews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'all Islamic countries got relations with those two.
So his mistake is that he is Egyptian .......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all Islamic countries got relations ,in fact many Islamic countries got citizens from Many different religions ,even Iran accused of radicalism , got fire worshipers
Now they are angry as Egyptian Intelligence is joining the American fight Club against they comrades ,okay where are you from the Arabic Jails from the Gulf to the Ocean ? Not comrades but innocent Arabic people are killed by thousands
Also if this is the punishment of Egyptian Muslim ,what it is the punishment of American Muslim ? the punishment of 1948 Arabs of Israel ,some of them are Muslims
Sorry those are not real muslims ,they are fake

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